Get me the gear


I was always the kid whoshowed up all red-eyed on the first day of school because of no sleep the night before. You can blame it on the stress of the first day, or the excitement of returning to routine, or downright weird, but it happened every single year. Now, on the more responsible end of classroom, my problem is mostly managing to wake up on the first day of school not sleep. But if there’s one thing that merits excitement at the beginning of the new school year, it’s nerdy supplies. And whenI say nerdy, I mean nerdy. 

These are some of my most coveted items for the new school year (take note, readers):

it's an achievement during the school year


Ode to glue


In a a plastic container

dizziness sealed in a membrane,

invites curious fingertips

to a mayhem of stickiness.

The white snot of a substance

spreads itself thoroughly

across walls, across pages,

across infinite distances

that stand bridgeless and naked.

Despite your highs and my lows,

you patch things indiscriminately

and for this, I do love you,

dear clotted glue.

Disregarding resistance ,

you make everything stick

at the tip of my fingertips

with such eager convenience,

with such organized disorder.

A reassuring banality

to have you tingling my nostrils

with smokey long fingers

peddling for attention.

What is it you’re selling me,

my white sticky friend?