The scoop


First, please help me with this — it has the makings of a possible mystery story and it’s giving me the creeps. This past weekend, we noticed that on the roof of the building next door, right in the corner, there was a discarded orange, halved with just the peel remaining. You may think, Fine, someone has been enjoying the 5th floor view and eating a refreshing orange. However the orange seemed to have been scooped out completely, which may suggest that the romantic orange-eater had remembered to take a spoon along to the roof. All these seem possible, so the whole orange-on-the-roof was put out of mind almost instantly.

So imagine our surprise when yesterday we came across this:

Orange corner: What the hell?

Orange corner: What the hell?

As you may notice, the one orange has suddenly mushroomed into A LOT. In fact, my whole romantic theory of enjoying the view no longer stands, and of that I’m sure. There is no way someone brought a spoon to scoop out all those oranges and then discarded them in the corner and went along with spoon in hand and feeling like he’d had his share of panoramic viewing for the day (not to mention Vitamin C). That’s just plain bananas (Ha!!). Why are all the oranges scooped out? Why are there so many? Why are they all piled in the corner so pitifully? Who does that? I find this very bizarre and tell me, don’t you? I seriously have no answers for this.

In other news, I have been helping a couple of friends find a new apartment, and the whole “apartment hunting” thing gives me such a thrill. After viewing 6 apartments which ranged from “Oh my God let’s get out of here, I can’t hold my breath any longer”, to “This is too perfect – there’s got to be a catch”, I came home giddy but disillusioned after realizing that, Oh wait a minute, I’m not the one moving.

It’s true, moving is a hassle, but for a chance to start fresh somewhere, I’m pretty sure I’d do it again in heartbeat. I live for change (which incidentally was what my former employer paid me), but I hope I don’t wake up tomorrow to a new mount of scooped oranges.

That’s more change than I can handle.