What bananas don’t want


by Adventures of Miss ViVi Gold

There was one thing I was sure of this year: the present I wanted for Christmas. I came up with all the legitimate excuses to console myself that this was the be all and end all of necessary fun, currently absent from my life.

The must-have object, as is always the case, came in a sleek box and cost something in the range of the three digits. Previously decried as the quintessential boy object (make that previously synonymous to the middle ages, mind you), I became possessed with having this perfect little companion on my piece of furniture. To dust off and to show off, surely. Let’s face it girls, calling something “boys only” is so last century. The broiling feminist inside me wanted to win this one out.

So I worked myself up, and hinted lightly at first, throwing in a word or two, followed by a smile. Who me? A present? Don’t be silly! Well if you really want to buy me something so much then sure go ahead and get me a ————. Never serious, but totally so. As Christmas day neared, I followed a more persistent approach: I started browsing accessories to go with said possession, as though I already owned it. Anyone heard of positive thinking? Invented by me, I assure you. Did it work? Hell, yeah! I know this because quite unsuspectingly, without having the thing, I felt like I did already. I even window shopped for it, I acted like I had it and I had it — in my head. And with having, comes overuse, and with overuse comes boredom. And then a new resolute: NOT to own this stupid object. EVER.

As I marked it clearly on my 2011 resolution list, I was thankful for everyone around me who paid me no mind. All the presents under the tree where things I never asked for, and I still have lots of time before boredom sets in.

Happy new year everyone!


Mad Hatter celebrations


Written on the wall

Written on the wall

I have been busy all weekend with general birthday festivities. What with the recent move, the tones on Friday were low and to make up for it I chose to extend the birthday spirit across the whole stretch of the weekend. In true mad-hatter tone, I declared a celebration and yes, a very merry Unbirthday to me! Friday was low-key, Saturday was artistic and Sunday was a true celebration.

Let me start at the beginning: The real thing. On Friday, I woke up to not one but two bouquets of flowers. This was a perfect excuse to buy a vase, which we sorely needed. Little did we know that the vase we eventually chose was nothing more than an impostor vase! Just look how wonderful it looks in the photo I took in my midnight enthusiasm (at the far back is my creative beading corner) and imagine how deflated I felt in the morning when I moved it and discovered that it actually leaked onto the table.

Alstroemeria and lilies in fake vase

Alstroemeria and lilies in fake vase

Upon complaining at the shop, we were told in a very matter-of-fact, “duh” tone that the vase is meant for decoration, not water, surely! As are all other vases in that shop, apparently. Great — a vase that’s not really a vase, but an ornament. Thanks.

On Saturday, we ventured out for a photographic expedition at dusk, only to discover to my utter blondeness that I had forgotten my camera. I looked around finding all sorts of photographs I couldn’t capture, and meanwhile being devoured by mosquitoes thirsty for blood. The night ended at one of my favourite hangouts here in Chania, with a lot of wine, plenty of laughs and nuts for dinner. Yum!

The festivities culminated with cake, presents and general birthday shenanigans. A friend also had a birthday today so the celebrations were joined and run along the theme of Eddie Izzard’s Cake or Death. Appropriately, the cake combined both, so you didn’t have to choose. It was cake WITH death and it was pretty good.

I think I'll have deathcake

I think I'll have deathcake



The cake was so good, there is hardly any left over and that’s a good thing because there’s no more room in the fridge (or our stomachs!). I loved loved loved the Japanese presents I got: funky origami geisha to make, the coolest stationery set, green tea in a geisha tin and cherry blossom tea in the cutest packaging ever! I can’t wait to put all those presents to good use; as of tomorrow I’m getting things into gear and finishing up whatever unpacking needs to be done.

It’s time to get back on the writing track and beading. I can’t wait to make a mess of my workspace and let’s not forget that there’s still the etsy shop to open. Coming this week, and boy am I excited!

Oh and a very merry unbirthday to you!!