Switch off


Today I’m not going to drink more than three cups of tea, no matter how much I convince myself that my throat hurts or I have that craving. I will drink more water and I will make a mental tally of the liters I down by night time. It will be close to the big two and I will feel a sense of achievement for doing something that should be part of my mundane routine anyway.

I will not spend hours getting tangled up in website links and referrals and e-mails and replies. I don’t have to update my facebook status or tweet that I’m drinking water for the day because it is not important. I will not open photoshop to edit any one of my candidate photos for flickr. I won’t even browse other photographs for inspiration and I most definitely will not log in on tumblr. All that inspiration and clicks can be downright distracting, especially if it leads me to etsy. I cannot allow myself to go on etsy, or any other online shop for that matter, because today of all days, there will be no window shopping. Even my metaphorical wallet is empty.

I will make the bed in the morning, and I will actually eat breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day I persistently choose to forget. I will call my mom to see how she is because I will remember to reach out across the telephone line that separates the measly distance between us. If I’m ambitious, I will also make the 10-minute drive to see my grandmother, who speaks in television language because that is all the company she has. I will make her day by sitting down next to her and listening to all the episodes I missed during the week. I will call my friends for a casual coffee drink of water and I will make the effort to be more than a Facebook friend.

Today, I will set aside time to read my book, even if I’ve forgotten its title from the time it’s been to hold it. I will not do this before I sleep because I want to read more than just a couple of sentences. I will write in my real journal, not my blog, about the thoughts in my mind, the things I most wish for, the quotidien that saturates my minutes. I will think of friends abroad and actually call them. Or better yet, I will sit down and write them a letter, not an e-mail. I will play songs I’ve forgotten about and I will sing along fearlessly. I will take a walk on the beach and I will write a poem. I will jot down my ideas on actual paper that is inside a thought notebook, not a post-it note.

Today, I’m changing everything. It all starts today.

Our Big Fat Greek Summer Giveaway


Greek Summer Giveaway

Everyone likes freebies. I’m a big sucker for the buy-one-get-one-free deal, because let’s face it: a present is a present. And giveaways are giveaways. The Etsy Greek Street Team, has put together a big giveaway that will be won by seven people! On the edge of your seat? Sit tight and read on how you can be a lucky winner!

The rules are simple: Visit the participating shops through their links, found below, make a purchase of $10 or more (excluding shipping costs) from one or more shops and enter the draw to take place on September 2, for the seven free gift packages on offer! All purchases in the month of July and August will be considered as entries.

Oh and the bonus: The more items you buy, the more entries you get in the draw.

Shops participating in the giveaway have the banner and announcement on their shop.

Oh and the prizes? Here’s some eye-candy for you:


1. from FLORENTINES – Leather Flip Flops / Custom made
2. from MATTAK – Handmade pendant / Silver & Bronze
3. from PLAIN BANANAS – plain Walk on the Beach — Leg bracelet / beads, shells, charms
4. from THEPRINCESSNEXTDOOR – Papier Mache earrings


5. from TRISEVYENI – Copper earrings / Goldfilled earwires
6. from NAZOZUBUS – Handmade Rose Brooch
7. from KARMOLOGYCLINIC – Colorful Summer handbag
8. from AMORONIA– Alice in Wonderland – Rabbit / Paper Mache Brooch


9 . from NAFSIKA – Ethnic style sterling silver earrings
10. from ARTISTICO – You are always here / Limited Edition – Print – size A4
11. from MOONSTONEJEWEL – Necklace Antique Golden Butterfly
12. from ONSTAGE69 – Summer fun shell bracelet


13. from EVRYDIKI – Sterling Silver earrings / pearl, amethyst, red coral
14. from HEARTSHAPEDCREATIONS – Polar Bear / polymer clay 1,4” in height
15. from SIVYLLA – Dreamy Flip Flops / Custom made
16. from LACRAVATTENDUCHIEN – Multi strand necklace


17. from THEPRINCESSNEXTDOOR – Papier Mache bracelet
18. from AMORONIA – Alice in Wonderland – Mad Hatter / Paper Mache Brooch
19. from ARTISTICO – Only Time / Limited Edition – Print – size A4
20. from NERAIDODHMIOURGIES – Blue Love – Key chain


21. from VANTIDESIGNS – Felt Necklace / wool, beads, ribbons
22. from ANTIGONI – I like to rock… / Sterling silver earrings, Swarovski, lucite
23. from ONSTAGE69 – Lambwork Lady Bug
24. from ARTISTICO – U2 / Limited Edition – Print – size A4


25. from ANTIGONI – Flower bracelet / Sterling Silver, Natural flower, gemstone
26. from CREATIONSBYEVE – Lipstick case
27. from POLINDIM – Adjustable ring / polymer clay, robbon, tulle, button
28. from AEGEANSEA – Six handmade batic gift cards / Blank

Those are a lot of presents waiting to be won!! If you would like some more information about the giveaway, click here. If you already have your eye on the group of prizes you’d like to win, start checking out all that wonderful Greek talent on Etsy.

Happy shopping and good luck!

Math Monday

math monday

math monday

The numbers came flowing in this week, mostly in the negative. I rummaged through my adolescent physics binder and came across this familiar formula:

disappointment + lack of motivation = major deflation

Any angst-ridden teenager is familiar with this bleak aspect of things, but let me tell you, at 25+1 major deflation sets in quite comfortably. But I’m going ahead of myself. It’s Monday so let’s get down to the Math, shall we?

  • 137 is the number of photos I took this week.
  • 12 (or thereabouts) is the number of photos that ended up being good (Sam, you’re not the only one!)
  • 1 pair of new sandals this week! I simply fell in love. Don’t you just love them?
  • There is a catch (or not a good catch, you could say)

    There is a catch (or not a good catch, you could say)

  • 0.5 pair is OK. The clasp on the one sandal doesn’t work properly and the shop refuses to change the shoes or the faulty clasp. Aaaarrrgghhh!
  • 2 new books in the mail, both on nutrition. I am trying to take on a new eating lifestyle based on the food-combining diet. It makes sense and so far my stomach has calmed down. I’m a sensitive one.
  • 15 days until Berlin and Paris! Woohoo!
Straight out of Beverly Hills, it seems

Straight out of Beverly Hills, it seems

  • 6 days until our friend George comes to visit from Cyprus. We only found out today, as this was a surprise we were meant to find out through snail mail. That card was never sent, so thank you MSN.
  • 3 is the number of eggs I used in an attempt to make Eggs Benedict. Two worked out fine, but from the first one I only had the egg yolk left, which looked like babybel cheese by the time I was done. Great.
  • Our brunch yesterday: toast, tomato, avocado and one of the successful poached eggs!

    Our brunch yesterday: toast, tomato, avocado and one of the successful poached eggs!

  • 387.26 is how many Euros it would cost for me to be with my Mom and sister, who are having a wonderful reunion in Surrey right before graduation. I miss them so much, I actually checked for prices. Way over my non-existent budget.
  • 1 present ready and sent to Estella, of Star of the East, for the swap she’s organizing on her blog. I love mail!
A special surprise

A special surprise

  • 5 wasps located inside our balcony rail. How? Well part of it had rusted and so they sneaked in and were making a nest. Spotted them today and freaked out! I would have had a photo for this, if I weren’t too scared to go near the place.
  • 10 bottle caps saved for a special project I’m working on. Soon to be revealed, hopefully.
I have this exact same door in a watercolor painting I bought 2 years ago. I wonder if it's from Chania originally.

I have this exact same door in a watercolor painting I bought 2 years ago. I wonder if it's from Chania originally.

  • 1,853 words on the blog this week!

How was your week in numbers?

Pass the parcel


I love giving presents. I am the relentless, year-round version of Santa when it comes to getting the right presents for people I care for. I never stop looking for that which goes beyond the typical. Add to that a sprinkle of surprise and your job is done, surrogate Santa.

I don’t think I’m the only one who likes giving presents – or receiving them for that matter. Everyone likes to feel a little spoiled. Even the most mundane thing in gift wrap looks thoughtfully sweet. So keeping this in mind, I make it a point to spoil all plain bananas customers by free gift packaging and throwing in a sprinkle of magic. Two packages were shipped yesterday, and here’s a sneak peek:

Spoil yourself rotten

Spoil yourself rotten

Each package is unique and the stickers are just a little extra bananas. I’m eager to hear your feedback.

I have mentioned in other posts how much I love receiving mail (and sending it). When it arrives, it usually waits patiently on the ground floor next to various other bills and leaflets until someone checks for it. It’s never delivered to our door on the fifth floor, because for some rather bizarre reason, in Greece apartments don’t bear a number. They are just doors to a floor. So I can assure you that this is not something that happens often (make that “ever”):

Spot the package

Spot the package

First question to pop to mind when I saw this was: How did it get here? and immediately after Why is it under the doormat? After I retrieved it I could feel that inside was a book and I also noticed it was sent from France and was in my boyfriend’s name. I knew he has ordered some travel guides for our summer destinations, but then I couldn’t help but wonder if he had somehow made a mistake and bought a Paris guide in French. Meanwhile, I was somewhat paralyzed, with package in hand, and began opening it slowly as though it contained anthrax or worse. Instead, there was a receipt in French from abebooks and the book Scaphandre et le Papillon. In French. This was a book I coveted since I saw the movie and here was the very first edition snugly under my doormat! My boyfriend later confessed that he bought it for me, though he had no clue as to how it got under there.

As for now, it’s time for a present for myself. I’m ready to buy some basic supplies for more plain bananas items. Before that, take a look at a small something I got to add life to my beading corner — I’m simply in love with it and still haven’t named it. I’m open to your suggestions.

Please name me

Please name me

Wait for it

Jewelry, Musings

I’ll let you in on a secret: I’m a glutton for beads. I like options, and with options come new ideas and designs and an emptier wallet I guess. So that’s why I was more than ecstatic when I got a surprise box in the mail the other day. It was a delayed birthday present from my best bud and I wasn’t allowed to open it until we could Skype the unravelling. And that wasn’t until 1 a.m., by which point I was surprisingly too exhausted to wait any second longer. But when I opened the box and realized that inside was a cigar box packed full of new colorful beads, it was all I could do to yell THANK YOU and smile like the big dork I am over the webcam.

Here’s a sample of what I got:

Plain bananas & the new beads

Plain bananas & the new beads

Can you spot the best ones? Yeah! Those tiny plain bananas are to die for! I’m going to work on a plain banana exclusive collection, which will feature these. So all this color and all this variety, brought back inspiration, and despite dwindling supplies, I managed to work on a few things today.

I leave you with one of the new necklaces. The evil eye is a prominent part of Greek culture, and hey, who doesn’t want to be on the safe side of things after all?

Make them green with envy.

Make them green with envy.

On a separate note, I discovered the wonders of bookporn and I honestly never thought there were people out there who found it great. Thank you Stan, for the link and yes, I’ll be looking for the perfect little locations too.

Until then, back to the beads, thanks to G.