Writing to reach you

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Thank you postman. I simply love receiving letters (as well as writing them) and when I do, either of the two following scenarios take place:

a) I savour it until the moment is right, atmosphere ambient, music on etc

b) furiously rip it open and devour all its contents hungrily

I do wish more people actually sat down to write letters, or even postcards. In fact, I’m going to cut you a deal: Provide me with an address and I will mail a postcard to you anywhere you are. Anywhere. Play along with me here. I’ll be waiting.

Yesterday was an unparalleled day in productivity and inspiration and I managed to take some photos of the new jewelry items today. Check out my flickr for the new stuff and leave a comment if you feel like it. It will make my day.

Now, let me get myself a real pen and some scrap paper and get to writing a letter. Reciprocity is part and parcel of keeping those letters flowing.

Deliver me please!

Deliver me please!

Random thoughts du jour

  • The postman delivered.
  • I caught myself thinking, “Did I really just make that?” It’s good that I still surprise myself often like that. It keeps me on my toes.
  • I need to pick a new book to read. Will do so by closing eyes and randomly pulling one out of shelf because I simply cannot choose.
  • In less than two weeks I have a sisterly reunion in the middle of nowhere Surrey. [Saving Atonement for plane reading – all pun intended]
  • I laughed so much my cheeks hurt. Laughter bruised.
  • Erm, Sun, can you come back please? It’s not fun anymore.
  • I love pearls.

Where are you?


Eagerly waiting for the postman to bring me my box of beads. Today I woke up and immediately got dressed just to check, but there was nothing there.

I think tomorrow will be it, and I’m going to be ready to pounce on that box before anyone steals it (yes, this has happened to me before and that’s when I almost killed a person because come on, WHO STEALS SOMEONE ELSE’S PACKAGE? [It is clear to me now writing this post that I am still traumatized and perhaps not even completely over the incident]). So tomorrow, it’s on. That box is mine. Or else.