You all know the classic hypothetical situation: If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 items (or one if we want to be strict about it) would you take with you?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, because to be honest, it feels like I’m stranded on this desert island for a week now. A desert island of no communication.

Sure, I have all of my material needs, I go out for walks, enjoy the sea and do all of the things I’d forgotten about before I got entangled in the world wide web, but sometimes, I really do wish I could kick my legs up, get my laptop and travel across the distance to feel like I connect with what’s beyond my four-walled room.

Yeah it’s great that this past week, I’ve read four books, I’ve had great me-timing that I’ve been neglecting, I’ve written letters and postcards, I’ve organized my workspace. I’ve even watched a couple of movies. But have I metaphorically travelled beyond my geographical location? Nope. It’s strange how caging that can feel.

It strikes me that Chania could be the desert island — all this water around me and not an internet signal near me. In fact, this is the fourth attempt to post this blog entry, and in the meantime we got our phone connected.I am now one step closer to human contact, and if you want ring me up! The sound of the phone ringing is so startling and fresh, I still get excited over it because to be honest, I’ve been convinced the phone company is secretly laughing at all these chaos its caused and was determined not to fix anything just because.

But don’t listen to me complain. Secretly I’m enjoying all of this new free time: it’s given me a new perspective on my priorities.

So back to the classic dilemma: What would I take on a desert island?


A good book to read through

A good book to read through


A typewriter because it doesn't need require and lets you WRITE WRITE WRITE

A typewriter because it doesn't need recharging and lets you WRITE WRITE WRITE


Some beads to keep me busy and accessorized!

Some beads to keep me busy and accessorized!

What would you take?

To-do or not to-do.


To-do. To-do. To-do. Almost sounds like a beat, doesn’t it? Day in, day out I’m drumming to my own beat as defined by my ever-expanding to-do list. Yes, post-its used to cut it, but no, now I need to jot things down in a special to-do notebook. The pleasure of crossing things off is hardly a secret; all you have to do is flip through pages and pages of messy, lines almost carved into the page. Such satisfaction, such sense of achievement.

Of course, I have recurrent items in this list. One of these that keeps creeping up on me is a classic: Spend less time online, more time in real life. This one is hardly ever crossed off, but it serves as a kind reminder. Until yesterday, that is.

The night before I diligently added this on my to-do list, and woke up into the set of any basic Christmas movie — my wish had been granted: I had neither a phone line nor internet. Sure I was exasperated, but first things first: I got a pen, and crossed this haunting bullet point off without any restraint.

So a day without internet (yes, it only lasted one day), suddenly gave me a lot of free time. In fact, it was enough free time to do another little something I’ve had on my list for days — change the plain banana look. It’s only appropriate to show you a “before” picture:

Old bananas

Old bananas

More old bananas

More old bananas

So yesterday, stuck without internet, I finally started on the project to revamp my shop with some more cohesive photos. I loved using different backgrounds and textures for my photos, but after some reflection, I decided that the general look was all over the place and there were too many things to focus on at once. So, with this in mind, I wanted to take some fresh photos that tied the bananas jewelry together as a good cluster of fresh items.

What do you think?

Some fresh bananas

Some fresh bananas

Some more fresh bananas

Some more fresh bananas

Your feedback will be appreciated! Please tell me what you think of the new plain bananas. Personally, I’m liking the fresh look of cohesion. Thank you failing internet!

Of course, Internet was reinstated today and so I was able to slave away all day in front of my monitor to renovate the shop’s look. It was a perfect dose of withdrawal and I got to scratch out two things from my to-do list.

Next up, get the phone working. Tech support claims to be working on it, but who believes them? There wasn’t meant to be a phone / internet cut to begin with, but here we are now. A new look and no phone.

You can’t always win.

On hold


I’m a patient person. With teaching, my patience has been refined and streamlined for a specific target audience: Students. If you’re not a student, get straight to the point and don’t loiter near the walls of my sanity with a sledgehammer. Please.

The waiting, it kills me.

In fact, when I first moved to Crete, I don’t know how I managed to sit still and hold for a phone line and internet for 3 months without declaring war on the particular phone company. I just lived on hope.

What a fool.

I was reminded of the same scenario today when I came home. I’ve recently moved and wanted to transfer the phone to the new place. I enter the apartment and see on the coffee table a box wrapped in pink. A present? No, just the logo colors of said phone company. Inside the box: modem #2. Man to connect our line? Nowhere to be seen. The call that proceeded had me huffing and puffing over the atrociously bad music on the speaker and getting a convoluted version of why I still didn’t have a line a month after the move. Along this lovely conversation came up some mysterious fees I was expected to pay. On queue I replied with: No thank you, goodbye and have a nice life.

Why call it customer service when it’s anything but that? All this waiting for nothing else but a bigger bill dressed in pink. Literally.

To top this, I have my hands tied beads and wire and cords but no endings or other such basic supplies to finish off any projects. Every day I wake up eager to check the mail only to be deflated by the noted absence of a box that should have been there yesterday.

But no, I’m going to take a deep breath and wait it out, because this box is worth it. As long as it’s not pink on the outside — I’m starting to feel a little too traumatized with all the  fuchsia in the house, not to mention the modems.

But  stay tuned to your modems because there’s a surprise coming your way on Friday. Please, do sit tight and hold.

[Unless you’re a teacher, at which case I can make alternate arrangements. Trust me, I understand.]