Ode to Muffin


In memory of our dearest dog, Muffin.

You woofed your way

into our plebeian hearts

and left a blondish trail

wherever your nose led you.

Mr Carrot had it in for you

for biting his head off;

Mr Ant was afraid

after you shut him up.

And now, you lay hushed

below trees that you played with;

and house corners wait patiently,

– in futile –

for your bouncing company.

I cling onto your long sigh of goodbye,

your soft exit.

No flowers for dead muffins, no remembrances.

Doggy sticks would do you just fine.

You always liked to plead and whine for them,

and we loved it.

And we loved you.

And we do.

House, Haus, Chaos

Jewelry, Musings

Replace the word home with chaos, which sounds like “house” with a foreign accent, and welcome to my world. Coming through the door is still a struggle as there are various boxes and the like blocking the view. My mental sanity? In shreds, packed away in bubblewrap somewhere.

The other day, with all the cleaning and whatnot, we managed to lose the dog. Lose the dog in an apartment, mind you. There are only so many places it could go:

  • under bed? CHECK
  • under chair? CHECK
  • next to the couch by the wall? CHECK
  • the veranda? CHECK
  • squeezed by the laundry basket? CHECK

I was running out of places and she wouldn’t answer to her name. Then I stumbled onto this:

Are you looking for me?

Are you looking for me?

She found her way into the wardrobe and thought it looked nice and cosy. She made her own little version of “Do not disturb”.

When I’m not looking for dogs or fighting my way past the entrance, I’m busy in more ways than one. I recently got a big job that’s exciting but will keep me very very busy. Right now I’m finally back on normal full schedule and this is totally catching up with me. Despite all this, I managed to make a new pair of earrings that I have yet to photograph for Etsy because I’m always working at the time when I like the light the most. Maybe this Saturday…

plain buttoned up

plain buttoned up

This should be listed in my shop soon. I will start working feverishly for some new stuff because I’ll be taking part in a crafters’ fair that’s taking place around Halloween. It’s going to be my first fair so I’m very excited about it, and I have all sorts of ideas about new plain bananas items. Be patient, will you?

Speaking of bananas, I was ecstatic to discover that I made the front page on Sunday! This totally made my day and I’d like to thank palepink for this. Here it is:

plain africa in the spotlight!

plain africa in the spotlight!

Hope you’re enjoying your week. Soon, some photos of my chaos. And I’m not messing with you.

Math Monday

math monday


I’m still trying to figure out what day it is. All day today I thought it was Monday. Somewhere along the line, I checked my cellphone and realized that lo and behold, time can’t keep up with me and it’s already Tuesday. I had a few numbers I wanted to mention, so what the hell?

Play along, will you? Let’s go!

  • 4 new prints to be framed. Well, make that 2, because I couldn’t help it. Came to Cyprus to discover 4 prints from the wonderfully talented Sam. Thanks ever so much! They look great on my bedroom wall.
Picture perfect!

Picture perfect!

  • 1 point something weeks in Cyprus. Getting into the rhythm of things has been slow but I’m gradually getting there. Imminent move happening soon, as well as major renovation of my current apartment, but when all that happens, I’ll have some photos for you. It seems like eons from now.
  • 5 blog posts this week. This is a phenomenal change back to routine again. I’ve missed the internet and blogging.
  • 12 origami butterflies in all sorts of colors!
  • 1 lovely dog that was happy to see me again!
Woof! Meet muffin.

Woof! Meet muffin.

  • 3 yellow chairs I put together for my little classroom.
  • 1 new sticker on my car. Just so you can tell it’s me (thanks to Gabbi!)
Oh yes it is!

Oh yes it is!

How was your week in numbers?