Nowhere near you


So my blog has been dominated by this vast sense of empty space. Every day I write out all these colorful entries in my head and I’m very dutiful with Math Mondays and Friendly Fridays. But they never reach you.

I’m sure you’re wondering why.

Remember that move I mentioned? Well, it finally happened and we got out of it in one piece. The apartment is small and cute, and will serve its short purpose well. Come December, it’s au revoir Chania and back to Cyprus for my boyfriend too hopefully. I’m making the big plunge over on August 15th. Until then, I’m afraid my life will not regain any sense of internet normalcy because there is simply NO internet.

Transferring a phone line is much too complicated for our phone company, so they issue us with a new number, a procedure that takes about a month. By then, I’ll be long settled to Cypriot rhythms and happy to be with you again. Right now, all I have is this permanent state of no connectivity that I can’t say is all that bad.

After the tiring move, all I want to do is kick up my feet, grab a good book and read away. Or watch old seasons of Project Runway over wine. Or wander around Chania, the town I’m about to bid goodbye and cram these last two weeks with as many fresh, wonderful memories as I can.

There are a lot of things I want to share with you, but at the moment I figuratively have my hands tied. No beads, no internet and no typed blog entries. We’ll catch up again in two weeks.

Until then, know that I write entries for you in my head on a daily basis, while I have my nose buried behind a book. It usually means I have to re-read a page or two, but that’s a small price to pay for sending thoughts your way, don’t you think?

Gone bananas

Taking a break at Musée d'Orsay

Taking a break at Musée d'Orsay

Yes, this banana is back in town! In fact, I’ve been back for a few days now, but things have been pretty hectic. Coming home to an apartment of boxes is no pleasant sight, my friends. If those boxes were all sealed and everything was tidily waiting to be shipped off upon our return, that would have been an entirely different story. But no, we have been spending the past few days packing up boxes with what we’re shipping back to Cyprus, and packing up the rest of the apartment on the side, because we’re also moving to a new apartment this week.

Confused? Of course, you are.

The short of it: I’m heading to Cyprus on August 15th, for what you could call permanently, but what I like to call “for a longterm now”, so we’re sending all our stuff there. My boyfriend has a two or three months left at university to finish his dissertation, but we’re changing apartments because of a gross misunderstanding between our current landlord. Despite our plans for a relaxing summer, we got kicked out of the apartment two months earlier, quite unexpectedly. Reason? New students coming in September would be a better investment, since they can sign a yearly contract.

Don’t even get me started on this issue. I still can’t get over it.

So today, is the big day! We’ve rented a car and we’re taking all of our 20 boxes to the airport to make their airborne way to Larnaca, Cyprus. After that, we’re also moving all our stuff to the new apartment, minus the fridge, washing machine and couch, which we have no idea how we’re going to manage to move (though we have come up with a lot of imaginative, impossible plans).

Look forward to more entries regarding the trip and general fun points AFTER the move. Hopefully my sanity and mental calm will be restored and I’ll be able to tell you all about:

  • love and Berlin
  • gorgeous buildings
  • friend reunion
  • too much exercise
  • cool souvenirs

But for now, hold tight — I still need to go and pack up all of our kitchen. What a great way to spend a Sunday!

On paper

It's official!

It's official!

Pour the wine, let’s have a toast because plain bananas is now finally on business cards. I still can’t believe it myself, and constantly need to check the stash in my wallet, that’s patiently waiting to more from hand-to-hand.

What’s more, my earring cards and stickers are done too, and here’s a sample (and the first thing I did as soon as I returned from the printer’s).

Pick me! Pick me!

Pick me! Pick me!

This day has been positively ecstatic and unquestionably tiring and I feel like I’m ready to collapse. Flying back to base tomorrow, where I’ll post more items on my etsy shop now that I’ve taken all the necessary photos. Look out for it.

If you would like to receive plain bananas postcard mail, let me know. Also if you love plain bananas and want to support it, let me know if you’d like your stash of cards to get going on the move. Remember, the power of this verb is great so feel it and PASS IT ON.

Keep it moving


I like the verb “to move.”It implies action, flow and a sense of going forward. If I had to choose one verb to describe me, it would be this little fellow.

Action: Tomorrow I am flying out to Cyprus for a week to visit family, friends and loved hangouts. I have just finished packing and it’s only now hit me that this time tomorrow I’ll be walking along (or driving among lunatics) on entirely different streets altogether: familiar, yet somehow mildly forgotten now that I am away.

Flow: I knew I wasn’t the only letter enthusiast out there, and so I was immensely relieved to see that people other than me really do enjoy getting real letters in the mail. Fellow Etsian Elizabeth Jayne is willing to send a letter out to anyone in need of something other than bills (can we see a raise of hands please?). Play along with her or me or both and let’s get some real letters raking the distance and keeping words moving.

Going forward: I have taken some photos of plain bananas jewelry today and updated on Etsy. The shop is slowly growing as I’m finding my way around it. Show me some love (heart my items/shop), leave me comments here and tell me what you like (or don’t like, for that matter) because plain bananas is growing as we speak (or write!).

Of course, moving doesn’t always require direct action, flow or moving forward. There are times when it’s best to sit down, take a break, sip some OJ and let the men do the dirty work.

Professional watchers

Professional watchers

[For the record we were assigned the task of watching the furniture on the pavement and we did do a little handiwork when we turned the couch around to face the street.]

The scoop


First, please help me with this — it has the makings of a possible mystery story and it’s giving me the creeps. This past weekend, we noticed that on the roof of the building next door, right in the corner, there was a discarded orange, halved with just the peel remaining. You may think, Fine, someone has been enjoying the 5th floor view and eating a refreshing orange. However the orange seemed to have been scooped out completely, which may suggest that the romantic orange-eater had remembered to take a spoon along to the roof. All these seem possible, so the whole orange-on-the-roof was put out of mind almost instantly.

So imagine our surprise when yesterday we came across this:

Orange corner: What the hell?

Orange corner: What the hell?

As you may notice, the one orange has suddenly mushroomed into A LOT. In fact, my whole romantic theory of enjoying the view no longer stands, and of that I’m sure. There is no way someone brought a spoon to scoop out all those oranges and then discarded them in the corner and went along with spoon in hand and feeling like he’d had his share of panoramic viewing for the day (not to mention Vitamin C). That’s just plain bananas (Ha!!). Why are all the oranges scooped out? Why are there so many? Why are they all piled in the corner so pitifully? Who does that? I find this very bizarre and tell me, don’t you? I seriously have no answers for this.

In other news, I have been helping a couple of friends find a new apartment, and the whole “apartment hunting” thing gives me such a thrill. After viewing 6 apartments which ranged from “Oh my God let’s get out of here, I can’t hold my breath any longer”, to “This is too perfect – there’s got to be a catch”, I came home giddy but disillusioned after realizing that, Oh wait a minute, I’m not the one moving.

It’s true, moving is a hassle, but for a chance to start fresh somewhere, I’m pretty sure I’d do it again in heartbeat. I live for change (which incidentally was what my former employer paid me), but I hope I don’t wake up tomorrow to a new mount of scooped oranges.

That’s more change than I can handle.

One bullet at a time


I knew that never in my wildest dreams would I have managed to complete this über-ambitious list, yet some force of motivation (that is truly beyond me) steered me forward so that now:

– Clean my apartment before I start moving out Ha! Did this last night, after a 5-hour power nap. Planned? No. Did it work? Yes!!

– Complete a video project. My mom hasn’t had a chance to visit me in my hole-of-an-apartment so I’m going to make a video giving her the entire one-minute tour (and that’s stretching it, to be honest). Will make it into something fun and artsy, no doubt. Filmed a short clip that lasted 7 minutes, in a first-person angle — so there was me pretending my mom had actually come to visit me and I was giving her the tour. We waited for a cab to drive by and everything, and had suitcase in hand etc. I couldn’t stop laughing because I actually got excited about this faux-visit and could see myself acting like a complete fool. Such fun!

– Start packing! It took a mere 3 hours. Whoa!

– Move a few of my basic things over to the new place. A few things? Pff! We moved the whole lot today, and so now, the boxes have spread like some disease across all rooms of the new place, waiting to find where they belong. I managed to unpack a few things now, and I always forget how different things look in different spaces. It’s going to take a while to make it homely, but it’s going to happen.

– Upload the hundred something photos that have been idly waiting on that darn camera chip. I still need to sort through them, but first step done.

– Add some new photos here and on flickr. One of these days…

– Open up my shop – or at least the main page with the banner or something. Coming soon!

– At least set up my beading workspace. I need to get back on the beading treadmill a.s.a.p. The first thing I put up and organized. Still haven’t taken a picture, but even if I did now it would look too tidy and unnatural. I like to work in a creative chaos.

[Here come my regulars:]

– Read on, dammit. Erm…when?

– Gym it up (definitely not happening today, haha!) Where did I pack my gym clothes again?

Tomorrow morning I will deal with everything else. Among other things, I’m turning +1 year. Yes, officially, I’m past that mid-twenty marker and the day is completely unplanned, and I’m ready for whatever surprises it may bring.
But first, I need to get my life out of these boxes and out there where it belongs.

A super day


Yes, it’s been ages since I updated but things have been pretty hectic here in Crete-land. Today is a frantic day in which I hope to achieve a series of unfeasible goals. My to-do list is as follows:

– Clean my apartment before I start moving out

– Complete a video project. My mom hasn’t had a chance to visit me in my hole-of-an-apartment so I’m going to make a video giving her the entire one-minute tour (and that’s stretching it, to be honest). Will make it into something fun and artsy, no doubt.

– Start packing!

– Move a few of my basic things over to the new place.

– Upload the hundred something photos that have been idly waiting on that darn camera chip.

– Add some new photos here and on flickr.

– Open up my shop – or at least the main page with the banner or something.

– At least set up my beading workspace. I need to get back on the beading treadmill a.s.a.p.

[Here come my regulars:]

– Read on, dammit.

– Gym it up (definitely not happening today, haha!)

I will keep you posted on everything that is not happening. Most of these won’t, but it’s fun pretending I’m a Super Chick. Don’t even get me started on my special abilities.