Let’s do everything later


In general, that’s the vibe I have on Sundays. There’s room for everything and just wait for it, it’s going to happen. My digital post-it TO-ACHIEVE-TODAY list was ridiculously ambitious, but I did manage to complete 50% of it. Crossing things off, even electronically, gives me such a rush. Yeah, there you go, I admitted that.

I played along with those new beads and made a necklace using one of the two mice. It looks like he’s a French mouse, which he could be, and that cheese trap in the photo — well that’s just me being really cheesy.

The most pleasant surprise I did not mention yesterday was that I found a random book (the not-so-random “Atonement” by Ian McEwan) in “the wild”, complete in appropriate bookcrossing stickers all over. I’ve read about bookcrossing but never thought I’d come across something like it here in Chania, Crete. I thought Chania was generally not in the buzz of things, but hey, totally had me fooled. I plan to make some drastic moves with the book and change its life course forever. I’m going to set it free in an entirely different country, in two weeks’ time. Truly into the wild.

Now, I need to wreck a journal and maybe find a movie to watch. If not immediately now, then definitely later — anytime later works for me just fine.

Plain Mousy