Where’s my mojo?


So let’s make it clear. I’ve looked at all possible locations: behing the couch, in the fridge next to that tupperware that’s growing all sorts of fungus, in the far depths of my bag, in my tiny car, in my not-so-tiny wardrobe. Where has my mojo gone? Why has it abandoned me?

Or wait. Maybe I’m to blame. It might just be that the very high I was experiencing right about the beginning of 2012 has very cutely come back to bite me in the face. The feeling of I can do everything has quickly given way to: Is there anything I can do? The same person who read three books in the first week of the year, is now reading 10 words a day, claiming a whole page as a cause for celebration. That very same person walks around with dark circles under the eyes, despite a good 7-hour sleep. She’s shunned color and she continuously burns the food, but doesn’t mind eating it because she’s that hungry.

Is this person you too? Want to join forces in rediscovering our mojos? Listening for your suggestions, eagerly.

Come along for the ride

Jewelry, Musings

In true Austin Powers style I have to say, “I got my mojo back.” Yeah, baybeah, yeah!

I was leafing through the Berlin guide, when I was overwhelmed by a sudden feeling of restlessness. Hey, I’m used to that. But lately my restlessness has hardly lent itself to jewelry expression. I don’t know what went wrong (or right) today, but I suddenly felt I had a calling to answer. And I’m thrilled with the result!

Want to see? Great, because that’s exactly what I had in mind. The problem? Poor lighting for any good photos…so, why don’t you take a guess…

shadow on the wall

Any wild guesses?

I promise to take some good photos of my new creations tomorrow when there’s some good old natural light. I can’t wait!

But hold on — you didn’t think my mojo only brought back this little number? Think again. I have a new fun project / idea that aims to bridge distances and connect artists and non-artists all-over. To complete it, I need your help. What am I on about?

A cycle journal

A cycle journal

What’s a cycle journal? One that will start from here and travel around the world until there are no more pages left to fill. Each person has a page or two to fill with anything from thoughts, photos, drawings, poems or even favorite quotes. Once it reaches the end, the person holding it, should return it to me and I’ll scan in the pages, one-by-one under a new theme day. So what now?

Who’s in?

If you are interested in participating in this, please send me an e-mail at plainbananas@gmail.com or start a conversation with me on Etsy, with your mailing address. I will collect a bunch of addresses that will be indexed at the back so whoever holds it can randomly select and tick off where they would like to send it off to next.

And that’s what I call good mojo! Are you game?