Go ahead and mess with me


I’ve made a mess and I’m happy about it.

Don't move anything!

Don't move anything!

I’m back to walking around with beads in my hands, and losing sleep over new design ideas. It finally feels like my life is resuming those faint hues of routine I allow and that gives me a sense of comfort. The new task is to take photos of the new things I’ve made, which I’ve attempted today with the new big tripod my boyfriend bought. Just as I secured the camera and took a testing photo, the camera battery died. Lesson learned: No fancy photo shooting before checking the basics.

In a few days, there will be another small, welcome disruption to the routine in the form of a getaway to Cyprus. It will only be for a week and it will bring me one step closer to opening my Etsy shop since I’ll be getting my cards printed. Finally!

I’m quite looking forward to a dose of something familiar. As much as I like to deny it, I do miss it sometimes. But for now, back to the mess!

Burning the midnight oil


It is 2.43 a.m. on my ibook digital clock. This is nothing new; I have been here before. In fact, if I’m honest with myself, I’d say I’m here every damn night. But wait, tonight, I actually felt like The Shoemaker and the Elves, though in a nonsensical way, I am all the characters in the story!

Shoemaker by day and the elves by night, making jewelry to surprise myself in the morning (read: noon) when I wake up and have absolutely no recollection as to what I was doing in the wee hours of the morning. And then I see the bead mess, and as I sit to tidy up, I fall into proper Shoemaker role and start making more jewelry and a bigger mess.

So why go to sleep on a more regular time and deprive myself of this multi-persona? Now, if I could somehow teach myself how to make shoes too, then yes, that would be a story worth telling.