I’m an easy person to please. Give me stationery and a good book with your personalized message and I’m a happy camper. As I’m writing this, I have four journals waiting to be used, all of them presents from friends; I’m looking at a fresh letter set along with a patterned sticky tape set waiting to be put to use; I’ve got a set of sharpened pencils waiting to spoil pages with my thoughtless rumbling.

And yet something has changed. I like all of these things, but feel disconnected from them. And I have had a lifetime of absolute fidelity to writing, reading, recording this or that insignificant detail. I have my thoughts on paper from the age of 8 — a shelf full of journals that pin down my  naive childhood, my tempered adolescence, my youthful adultness. I have successfully made it here, to almost 30 so that I can come to an unforeseeable halt?

And it’s not just the writing, it’s the reading too. After a lukewarm start to the New Year, I’ve managed to read about four books that have neither excited nor inspired me. I’ve even resorted to audiobooks, which only occurred to me as a feasible idea after reading this somewhat inspiring, if not impossibly ambitious, article.  I’m currently reading Ian McEwan’s Sweet Tooth, which I’m finding atrociously boring, two-dimensional and stale. I also own in audiobook (don’t ask why), and have been trudging my way through it for the past three weeks despite reading at home and listening to it on my way to and from work. If nothing else, at least I’ve discovered that I’m definitely not an audiobook person.

So recently, in the hopes of regaining some form of inspiration to jumpstart my imagination, I have began transcribing my diary entries, from that very first journal. It dates back to January 1992 and I could not feel more far removed from myself as I do now. I have decided to share the first entry with you (translated from Greek):

6 January 1992, Monday

Tomorrow we’re going back to school. Oh! What bad luck. And we are so used to sleeping at midnight whereas now we will have to sleep at 9 p.m. Unfortunately we have to go to school. But then again, I will see my friends. 


Maybe this will get me out of the rut. Oh and this blog, which I hope to revive slowly. Your encouragement is a welcome delight.

I told you I was easy to please.




Plain Bananas Has Friends

Plain Bananas Has Friends

Post #1

It’s Friday and I have friends (sorry, The Cure). Yes, I do, and what’s more I want you to meet them.

Wanting to put my journalism degree to some good use (other than dust collector) I decided to run a feature on Fridays on artists I either like, connect with or am inspired by (sometimes, all three, of course). It will keep me on my journalistic toes and it will introduce you to some wonderfully creative people — not to mention give you an ever-expanding list of options of presents you could surprise me with.

So without further ado, I present you Kreativlink, from Austria.

As a child, she was sure that the distant year of 2000 would find her in an artistic persona, and oddly enough it has. She worked as a self-employed web-designer / programmer before she decided to devote herself full time to the arts and the world of journal-making. Lucky for us, of course.

Let’s get to know her better, shall we?

My name is…Renate Ikinger a.k.a. Kreativlink.

I makemostly journals from suede but also painted fabric ones.

Swirly Growings, painted fabric journal

Swirly Growings, painted fabric journal

I’m inspired bynature mostly and my somewhat crazy brain that often brings up strange ideas.

I cannot live withoutmy loved ones, enough time for me alone, frozen snickers, diet coke, laughter, dreaming, trees.

An item I’ve made that was hard to let gooh there where many. Probably this one.

I create because…I’m not good in other jobs.

I wish I…won the lottery and could make a crazy “supplies around the world” shopping trip!

Hidden, original drawing, ink and watercolors

Hidden, original drawing, ink and watercolors

If I could learn another art it would be…ceramics.

My website is…http://www.kreativlink.at

I blog because…it’s fun.

One day…I’ll live in a house by the sea.

I started…because I could not afford sketchbooks with good paper in it.

Birds on a Wire, leather journal, suede

Birds on a Wire, leather journal, suede

I always…think that life still does suprise me.

If I were a color, I would be…purple. Or more realistically, black. Everything, but not pink.

My full-time job…is it. Starving artist. Oh yeah…

In a nutshell…should better be a nut!

In a bigger nutshell…ought to be an even bigger nut!

Here’s where you can find Renate:

blog: http://www.kreativlink.at


flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kreativlink/

twitter: http://twitter.com/kreativlink

Or become a fan on Facebook: http://de-de.facebook.com/people/Renate-Kreativlink-Ikinger/1523500282

I leave you with a sneak peek at Renate’s workspace and some more of her wonderful creations.

Have a creative Friday!

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

Insomnia, painted fabric journal

Insomnia, painted fabric journal

My Flowers Are Alien, painted fabric journal

My Flowers Are Alien, painted fabric journal

Hungry Dog, original drawing, ink and watercolors

Hungry Dog, original drawing, ink and watercolors