You all know the classic hypothetical situation: If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 items (or one if we want to be strict about it) would you take with you?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, because to be honest, it feels like I’m stranded on this desert island for a week now. A desert island of no communication.

Sure, I have all of my material needs, I go out for walks, enjoy the sea and do all of the things I’d forgotten about before I got entangled in the world wide web, but sometimes, I really do wish I could kick my legs up, get my laptop and travel across the distance to feel like I connect with what’s beyond my four-walled room.

Yeah it’s great that this past week, I’ve read four books, I’ve had great me-timing that I’ve been neglecting, I’ve written letters and postcards, I’ve organized my workspace. I’ve even watched a couple of movies. But have I metaphorically travelled beyond my geographical location? Nope. It’s strange how caging that can feel.

It strikes me that Chania could be the desert island — all this water around me and not an internet signal near me. In fact, this is the fourth attempt to post this blog entry, and in the meantime we got our phone connected.I am now one step closer to human contact, and if you want ring me up! The sound of the phone ringing is so startling and fresh, I still get excited over it because to be honest, I’ve been convinced the phone company is secretly laughing at all these chaos its caused and was determined not to fix anything just because.

But don’t listen to me complain. Secretly I’m enjoying all of this new free time: it’s given me a new perspective on my priorities.

So back to the classic dilemma: What would I take on a desert island?


A good book to read through

A good book to read through


A typewriter because it doesn't need require and lets you WRITE WRITE WRITE

A typewriter because it doesn't need recharging and lets you WRITE WRITE WRITE


Some beads to keep me busy and accessorized!

Some beads to keep me busy and accessorized!

What would you take?

Summertime and the living is easy

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Ok, so it’s technically not summer yet — we’re still a week or so away from entering the summer month triad. Yeah, sure, go ahead and convince me that with 30 ℃ there’s still a week left until summer. I won’t buy that. It’s here — I can smell it, feel it and even sweat it. Out come the sandals and dresses, the summer hats and sunscreens and bring on the ice, will you please? It’s boiling out here.

But out here, is where I want to be. I find it hard staying indoors when the weather is treating me to this abundance of sunlight. Cleaning our relatively big veranda was a task we’ve been postponing for a few weeks, but with mercury rising, Saturday had us doing the unavoidable. And today, I’ve been doing nothing more than laze around outside, drinking my coffee, reading my book and enjoying the evening breeze.

My summer table

On the veranda, where I pretend I'm at a coffee shop

I couldn’t even bring myself to stay indoors and work on my little beading corner, even though I really wanted to create today. Solution: move the beads outside and create to my heart’s content.

Last night, on a walk down Chania’s old harbor, I suddenly realized how buzzing every place was — so many tourists, so many locals out for a drink in the cool breeze of these early summer nights. The island is dressed in its summery persona already and I felt lucky to be living the island life, so close by the sea.

Inspired by these realizations, you won’t be surprised to see that the result of my beading efforts led me to island colors and beachy themes. Sea-shells definitely couldn’t be absent from these leg bracelets I made:

She wears seashells by the seashore

She wears seashells by the seashore

I will be listing these on Etsy as soon as I take some more photos on a beach location near me. I have to say, I’m in love with the colors, and I’m so glad it’s summer.

On a different note, the first plain bananas package has safely arrived at its destination. I will be mapping the plain bananas’ journey across the globe (though after much frustration, I’m still looking for a map to do this online – open to suggestions) with buyers’ pictures. It’s an open invitation to help me with the project and already the first item has been mapped. Thank you Gigi for the love and the photo. Plain Bananas loves you too.

Here’s where these earrings have gone:

(If you would like to see a map of this, you can always check my flickr account, which is the only place I have input this, so far).

plain bananas travels to Philadelphia

plain bananas travels to Philadelphia

The journey will continue.

Summer, welcome back.