Where’s my mojo?


So let’s make it clear. I’ve looked at all possible locations: behing the couch, in the fridge next to that tupperware that’s growing all sorts of fungus, in the far depths of my bag, in my tiny car, in my not-so-tiny wardrobe. Where has my mojo gone? Why has it abandoned me?

Or wait. Maybe I’m to blame. It might just be that the very high I was experiencing right about the beginning of 2012 has very cutely come back to bite me in the face. The feeling of I can do everything has quickly given way to: Is there anything I can do? The same person who read three books in the first week of the year, is now reading 10 words a day, claiming a whole page as a cause for celebration. That very same person walks around with dark circles under the eyes, despite a good 7-hour sleep. She’s shunned color and she continuously burns the food, but doesn’t mind eating it because she’s that hungry.

Is this person you too? Want to join forces in rediscovering our mojos? Listening for your suggestions, eagerly.

Know your rights


As Europe rushes to the polls to cast a vote in the throes of the European election fever, I’m snuggly seated in my little bead corner, creating like there’s no tomorrow. Don’t get me wrong — I’m not politically indifferent at all; I just happen to be out of my home country for these elections.

And between us, maybe that’s a good thing, because leaving the house has now become a rather impossible task — to the point where people are asking my boyfriend if I’m under house arrest.

I am not. It’s all voluntary and here’s why:

In bead heaven!

In bead heaven!

That’s right! My good friend, the mailman, delivered once again! I finally got new beads of all colors and I’m back to creating new things! I’ve posted some new items in my shop, so check them out! Who knew that inspiration itself could be so carefully parceled in bubble-wrap?

In fact, one of the new earrings I made has been featured in a treasury!

Spot the banana in the treasury!

Spot the banana in the treasury!

In fact, I serendipitously logged into treasury at the right time and got a chance to make my own treasury.

Birds of a feather, flock together

Birds of a feather, flock together

Yes, I’m gradually¬†becoming all the more addicted to Etsy, much to the general concern of my boyfriend who claims he’s also an Etsy widower. I knew I should have never forwarded that article.

As for this voting weekend, my vote has been cast. I vote for beads! How about you?