The unsuspecting vegetarian


Courtesy: Jorge-11

Easter: a time of vegetarian solidarity. The much dreaded religious holiday is already well underway and to top it off this year, I have my birthday to crown the greatest of all feasts on Easter Sunday. Oh dear.

I have never been one to hang around the lamb on the spit, gradually roasting its way into mouth-watering decadence (for some). As for the liver wrapped in intestine, I unsuspectingly declined plates of this delicacy falsely believing it was rooster, which was offensive enough to my innocent spirit, let alone the vulgar reality of the aforementioned specific body parts. Indeed, Easter has always been out to get me when I least suspected it.

As a kid, I have fond memories of lighting firesparkles, a ritual that required speed and enthusiasm. The end goal was lighting all the firesparkles in the garden. The reward? A soup of intestines, liver and stomach. I slurped unsuspectingly without really understanding what it was I was forcing myself to digest.

Years later, no longer the soup sucker that I was as a kid, I was pretty much against most food on the table, simply because it didn’t agree with my palate. On Saturday night after church, after gathering at an aunt’s house for the traditional soup (thanks, I’ll pass), meat (no, I’m fine thanks) and potatoes (do I have to eat this at 12:30 a..m? Really?) I scanned the dining table for a sign of something barely edible so late in the night. There was hardly anything worth noting: the usual suspects were there, as was the gelatin with private body parts, ears and whatnot floating in a see-through volume of a globe. Then I noticed a plate of spaghetti and eggs, a newcomer and a rather unusual recipe altogether. I hurried to add a serving; given that I was always criticized for the lack of food in my plate, I was more than elated that the spaghetti took up a considerable portion. But of course, there was a catch. As I forked a bunch of spaghetti and egg and raised it to mouth, my uncle across me asked calmly: Since when do you eat intestines? Since, omg I’m going to faint. I barely smiled politely.

That was a close one.

And then here we are now, not so many years later. Am I traumatized? Hell yeah! Every Easter I dread all the food on the table, all the jokes on my eating habits and all that meat that’s trying to make its way into my mouth, one way or another. But this year, , let the whole world rejoice with souvla on my birthday. I will feel happy to mouth a bit of green and a slice of cake — I’ve got my 29th to chew on.

Note: soon something you can chew on. More in coming entries.

Our Big Fat Greek Summer Giveaway


Greek Summer Giveaway

Everyone likes freebies. I’m a big sucker for the buy-one-get-one-free deal, because let’s face it: a present is a present. And giveaways are giveaways. The Etsy Greek Street Team, has put together a big giveaway that will be won by seven people! On the edge of your seat? Sit tight and read on how you can be a lucky winner!

The rules are simple: Visit the participating shops through their links, found below, make a purchase of $10 or more (excluding shipping costs) from one or more shops and enter the draw to take place on September 2, for the seven free gift packages on offer! All purchases in the month of July and August will be considered as entries.

Oh and the bonus: The more items you buy, the more entries you get in the draw.

Shops participating in the giveaway have the banner and announcement on their shop.

Oh and the prizes? Here’s some eye-candy for you:


1. from FLORENTINES – Leather Flip Flops / Custom made
2. from MATTAK – Handmade pendant / Silver & Bronze
3. from PLAIN BANANAS – plain Walk on the Beach — Leg bracelet / beads, shells, charms
4. from THEPRINCESSNEXTDOOR – Papier Mache earrings


5. from TRISEVYENI – Copper earrings / Goldfilled earwires
6. from NAZOZUBUS – Handmade Rose Brooch
7. from KARMOLOGYCLINIC – Colorful Summer handbag
8. from AMORONIA– Alice in Wonderland – Rabbit / Paper Mache Brooch


9 . from NAFSIKA – Ethnic style sterling silver earrings
10. from ARTISTICO – You are always here / Limited Edition – Print – size A4
11. from MOONSTONEJEWEL – Necklace Antique Golden Butterfly
12. from ONSTAGE69 – Summer fun shell bracelet


13. from EVRYDIKI – Sterling Silver earrings / pearl, amethyst, red coral
14. from HEARTSHAPEDCREATIONS – Polar Bear / polymer clay 1,4” in height
15. from SIVYLLA – Dreamy Flip Flops / Custom made
16. from LACRAVATTENDUCHIEN – Multi strand necklace


17. from THEPRINCESSNEXTDOOR – Papier Mache bracelet
18. from AMORONIA – Alice in Wonderland – Mad Hatter / Paper Mache Brooch
19. from ARTISTICO – Only Time / Limited Edition – Print – size A4
20. from NERAIDODHMIOURGIES – Blue Love – Key chain


21. from VANTIDESIGNS – Felt Necklace / wool, beads, ribbons
22. from ANTIGONI – I like to rock… / Sterling silver earrings, Swarovski, lucite
23. from ONSTAGE69 – Lambwork Lady Bug
24. from ARTISTICO – U2 / Limited Edition – Print – size A4


25. from ANTIGONI – Flower bracelet / Sterling Silver, Natural flower, gemstone
26. from CREATIONSBYEVE – Lipstick case
27. from POLINDIM – Adjustable ring / polymer clay, robbon, tulle, button
28. from AEGEANSEA – Six handmade batic gift cards / Blank

Those are a lot of presents waiting to be won!! If you would like some more information about the giveaway, click here. If you already have your eye on the group of prizes you’d like to win, start checking out all that wonderful Greek talent on Etsy.

Happy shopping and good luck!

Into the moment


During the entire week, I’ve been telling myself than I need to wake up earlier that 10ish (and 11ish even), but have hardly made a conscious effort to meet that 9 o’clock wake up call. When I say hardly, I mean I haven’t even set any alarms, because I falsely convince myself it will happen naturally (of course the other reason is that my Thai-bought cell phone, only has annoying ringtones that are pretty much the equivalent of waking up to the racket of pots and pans, but with an Asian twist). Today, lo and behold, I woke up at 8.30 a.m. and in my disbelieving excitement that my biological clock had finally set itself right, I tried to transmit this excitement to my sleeping boyfriend, who could hardly understand what I was on about through his sleep-heavy eyelids. Enthusiasm diminished, I turned the other way and went back to sleep.

When we woke up at our regular 11ish time, we surprisingly managed to do everything we have always been saying we’d do on Saturdays but have never done until today. Saturdays are usually unrealistically inflated with all this hope and ambition of things we want to achieve, but secretly know we won’t. Today we were just more determined than usual and as a result I experienced the chaos and disorder of your average Greek farmer’s market for the first time, bought freshly-baked bread from the best bakery in town, got a new piercing and shopped at our local (evil) conglomerate for convenience’s sake. All this, while we trudged through what seemed to be the whole distance of Crete.

I have a thing with piercings, but I  think this will be my last one. Of course that’s what I said about my other “last one” two years ago, and look at me now. It’s hard pretending I mean such absolute statements, when I know the impulsive bug in me just won’t stay put. I like to kid myself like that.

I have been making some more jewelry with the new beads I got in the mail last week, but have yet to take some good photos of them. When I sit down to bead I actually get so into it that time sort of freezes and so does my brain actually, because I completely forget what it is I was doing before I picked up the pliers, the beads and whatever else. I call it Beading Alzheimer’s, and the only cure I know of is more beads, please.

Let’s face it


I need to face the fact that sunny days can also be extremely windy. It is a national holiday here, and there was a parade just outside our apartment, so it was a perfect excuse to go for a walk. I think I was most amused by a little kid, held up by his dad waving a Greek flag which said RESPECT in blue, on the side. I tried to take a photo of him, but at that point the wind wasn’t on my side. I mistook that for a sign of a hot summer-like day, but no, moments later the wind roared “Eat this you fool”, and by this, I mean my hair. I walked on with a halo of frizz and a strong sense of denial.

I also need to face the fact that I’m never going to drink a frappe (iced coffee) at a coffeeshop, the way I like it. I don’t ask for much: no sugar, a little milk. But no, milk here, is concentrated and used sparingly; coffee on the other hand is scooped with a shovel. A shovel. And yet I’m still naively optimistic every time I order coffee out.

I have recently been wishing for summer to come, and along with that, ice cream, or to be more precise Italian ice cream, which entered my life last summer and has since become a serious addiction. There’s an Italian guy who owns a little gelateria here in Chania and operates it in the warmer / hotter months of the year with his family. I simply LOVE this place, and all his flavors, but perhaps I’m more fond of the whole idea of having two homes throughout the year. About a month ago I spotted a sign on the shop declaring the gelateria would be up and running again in March. I’ve been thinking that it’s pretty much almost April in my fast-forward-inclined head, so have kept wondering “Where are you my Italian friend?” Today, due to my unwavering hope and curiosity, I discovered that it’s back in business! I got a scoop and a smile of recognition. So now it’s sealed: The Italian family has made the move and I need to face it that summer is fast approaching. Finally.

And coming home, my eye always falls on an object in the most peculiar disguise. It makes my day every time and I dare you not to laugh when you have this staring back at you as you wait for the elevator to come down to ground floor.

I'm looking at you

I'm looking at you