Less words, more pictures


I’ve been doing less writing, more reading. I’ll be sharing this reading with you in my new project #bookportrait.

This started as a way to document my reading list, but I want it to be much more than that. Let’s start a conversation about books.

So, please, if you love it, hate it, read it or want to read it — let’s talk about it!

Switch off


Today I’m not going to drink more than three cups of tea, no matter how much I convince myself that my throat hurts or I have that craving. I will drink more water and I will make a mental tally of the liters I down by night time. It will be close to the big two and I will feel a sense of achievement for doing something that should be part of my mundane routine anyway.

I will not spend hours getting tangled up in website links and referrals and e-mails and replies. I don’t have to update my facebook status or tweet that I’m drinking water for the day because it is not important. I will not open photoshop to edit any one of my candidate photos for flickr. I won’t even browse other photographs for inspiration and I most definitely will not log in on tumblr. All that inspiration and clicks can be downright distracting, especially if it leads me to etsy. I cannot allow myself to go on etsy, or any other online shop for that matter, because today of all days, there will be no window shopping. Even my metaphorical wallet is empty.

I will make the bed in the morning, and I will actually eat breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day I persistently choose to forget. I will call my mom to see how she is because I will remember to reach out across the telephone line that separates the measly distance between us. If I’m ambitious, I will also make the 10-minute drive to see my grandmother, who speaks in television language because that is all the company she has. I will make her day by sitting down next to her and listening to all the episodes I missed during the week. I will call my friends for a casual coffee drink of water and I will make the effort to be more than a Facebook friend.

Today, I will set aside time to read my book, even if I’ve forgotten its title from the time it’s been to hold it. I will not do this before I sleep because I want to read more than just a couple of sentences. I will write in my real journal, not my blog, about the thoughts in my mind, the things I most wish for, the quotidien that saturates my minutes. I will think of friends abroad and actually call them. Or better yet, I will sit down and write them a letter, not an e-mail. I will play songs I’ve forgotten about and I will sing along fearlessly. I will take a walk on the beach and I will write a poem. I will jot down my ideas on actual paper that is inside a thought notebook, not a post-it note.

Today, I’m changing everything. It all starts today.

Nowhere near you


So my blog has been dominated by this vast sense of empty space. Every day I write out all these colorful entries in my head and I’m very dutiful with Math Mondays and Friendly Fridays. But they never reach you.

I’m sure you’re wondering why.

Remember that move I mentioned? Well, it finally happened and we got out of it in one piece. The apartment is small and cute, and will serve its short purpose well. Come December, it’s au revoir Chania and back to Cyprus for my boyfriend too hopefully. I’m making the big plunge over on August 15th. Until then, I’m afraid my life will not regain any sense of internet normalcy because there is simply NO internet.

Transferring a phone line is much too complicated for our phone company, so they issue us with a new number, a procedure that takes about a month. By then, I’ll be long settled to Cypriot rhythms and happy to be with you again. Right now, all I have is this permanent state of no connectivity that I can’t say is all that bad.

After the tiring move, all I want to do is kick up my feet, grab a good book and read away. Or watch old seasons of Project Runway over wine. Or wander around Chania, the town I’m about to bid goodbye and cram these last two weeks with as many fresh, wonderful memories as I can.

There are a lot of things I want to share with you, but at the moment I figuratively have my hands tied. No beads, no internet and no typed blog entries. We’ll catch up again in two weeks.

Until then, know that I write entries for you in my head on a daily basis, while I have my nose buried behind a book. It usually means I have to re-read a page or two, but that’s a small price to pay for sending thoughts your way, don’t you think?