And we’re back!

Generally speaking

A new look.

In fact, the blog facelift is happening for a reason. It’s undergoing major changes in tone, in content and style.

One of the big changes I’m introducing is more frequent entries. That’s not a hard feat considering that after 5 months of dormancy, the blog has resurrected. And what a comeback!

Together let’s discover what truly gets under a banana’s skin.

Sit back and enjoy. I’m looking forward to sharing my musings with you.

Don’t point any fingers



You probably think that my disguise as a pirate, translates to my inability to move beyond the  year 2007 and get over my love for Captain Jack Sparrow (you did notice the eye patch on the banana I take it). Before you call me cheesy and venture on a critique on my trite costume selection, let me tell you, that the eye patch is there for a reason, as is the frown.

But first, let me point you toward my Halloween preparations.

I volunteered to help out with some freaky baking on Wednesday — getting the atmosphere ready for a downright creepy vibe. We made some crafty spiders, and these deliciously wicked fingers:

Line them up!

Line them up!


Extra knobbly


The final gory touch

These tasted so good! It totally got us in the Halloween spirit, even if we don’t really celebrate the holiday here in Cyprus. After all, who doesn’t like to dress up and eat disgusting-looking yummy food?

Eager to share my enthusiasm for the cookies, I was showing my sister the photos of these pointy fingers, when quite ironically and entirely unintentionally, she poked me in the eye. It all came down to bad timing, but boy did it hurt!

So after consulting two eye doctors and paying a fortune on medication, tonight, on Halloween, I have limited choices for a costume really. I’m suffering from a corneal abrasion and an infection in the eye, which can leave me three choices, really:

a) use the bandage round my head as a costume prop and go as a wounded person / mummy or any other bandaged-related freak

b) put on a hat, hide the gauze, and go as a less-flashy pirate

c) call it an early night and give my eye some rest

One thing’s for sure, I don’t even want to see those finger cookies! I’ve had enough of fingers — wicked, tasty or real!

Happy trick or treating friends! Keep your eye out for dangers! Harr Harrr

Wait for it

Jewelry, Musings

I’ll let you in on a secret: I’m a glutton for beads. I like options, and with options come new ideas and designs and an emptier wallet I guess. So that’s why I was more than ecstatic when I got a surprise box in the mail the other day. It was a delayed birthday present from my best bud and I wasn’t allowed to open it until we could Skype the unravelling. And that wasn’t until 1 a.m., by which point I was surprisingly too exhausted to wait any second longer. But when I opened the box and realized that inside was a cigar box packed full of new colorful beads, it was all I could do to yell THANK YOU and smile like the big dork I am over the webcam.

Here’s a sample of what I got:

Plain bananas & the new beads

Plain bananas & the new beads

Can you spot the best ones? Yeah! Those tiny plain bananas are to die for! I’m going to work on a plain banana exclusive collection, which will feature these. So all this color and all this variety, brought back inspiration, and despite dwindling supplies, I managed to work on a few things today.

I leave you with one of the new necklaces. The evil eye is a prominent part of Greek culture, and hey, who doesn’t want to be on the safe side of things after all?

Make them green with envy.

Make them green with envy.

On a separate note, I discovered the wonders of bookporn and I honestly never thought there were people out there who found it great. Thank you Stan, for the link and yes, I’ll be looking for the perfect little locations too.

Until then, back to the beads, thanks to G.