Stick to your choices

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A boxful of pearly beads has been eagerly waiting for me at the post office for a few days now and I managed to pick it up today. I haven’t taken any photos of the new material I have to work with but I can tell you that I’m very inspired. If I add to that the inspiration I have got from the hand-me-down beads I’ve received thus far from all my great supporting friends and family who are more than happy to see old, forgotten or hated necklaces transformed in a brand new persona, it’s enough to have me doing nothing else all day here.

But that’s pretty much impossible as anyone who’s tried to cram a few months’ worth of a visit in one tiny week knows. I have been on the go constantly, maximizing my time here and trying to see as many of the people I have missed enough to last me through the summer. My efforts have been so focused on seeing people that it wasn’t until today that I managed to venture into downtown Larnaca for the first time. I have been here for 4 days and the shop / coffee-shop magnet just hasn’t had the same draw on me. It’s no wonder with all these new beads I have, to play with.

In fact, today I actually toyed with a new set of earrings featuring buttons, which I’ll probably feature tomorrow when I finish them off. I also made a new pair of earrings for a friend — her smile and excitement was the best reward and completely empowered me. I love giving presents, especially plain good ones.

Here’s a mediocre photo of the earrings: Plain Chris. It was taken in a rush because I had to dash off to dinner, so look beyond the lighting.

Customized to her aura

Customized to her aura

The top bead is actually silver and I personally loved this pair!

In other great news, my cards are off for printing. I hope to have them this week and I will include some photos of them in a coming entry or two. It’s just plain fantastic and I’m going bananas!

And lastly, I’ll leave you with a taste of real Cyprus. For those of you lucky enough to live here or be familiar with the place, enjoy this photo. In the true spirit of the island, it celebrates free will, public disregard and political correctness all in one.

Translation on announcement: We respect the choices of people around us. We don't smoke in non-smoking areas.

Translation on announcement: We respect the choice of people around us. We don't smoke in non-smoking areas.

This was on every table, as were the two ashtrays. In Cyprus, everyone’s choice is respected for sure.