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The other day I was going through a free press magazine that always has a dedicated section on pets to adopt. It’s been a year since our beloved dog / dillusional-dog-person passed away and that void has remained incurably empty. Sure, she was irreplaceable but a new pet dog would surely help heal that wound, no?

I believed as much about 8 months ago when I was confessing this to my best bud; delirious at the prospect of finding a solution to this emptiness I thought it a good idea to venture off to our nearest dog shelter to have a quick browse. Yes, you see, in my head I had distanced myself from the situation so clinically that I was convinced I would not be affected by the wagging tails, the wails of begging, those puppy eyes. If you’ve ever had a dog, you know that this is quite simply an impossible feat. I fell in love with half the dogs at the kennel and when I left the place, I couldn’t stop thinking about one in  particular that I connected with. This was on a Friday afternoon, so in my instant decisiveness I spilled the whole deal to my boyfriend and pleadingly urged him to at least do me the favor and succumb to paying a visit to the shelter. Never having a pet dog before, my boyfriend couldn’t really see what the fuss was about. Of course, in my complete girly naivety I was certain that his heart would also melt upon entering the shelter. So convinced was I with this, that when I went shopping on Saturday afternoon, I bought a dog leash on a whim — after all how would we take our new pet dog on a walk Sunday evening after we had brought it home?

All of these were quite definitively in my head, because as soon as we got there, we played with a a few puppies and while I was bonding with the dog I would live the next 12 years of my life with (at least), my boyfriend was mostly humoring me. We left the place empty-handed. I still don’t know what to do with the red leather dog leash. You see, one can always keep hoping.

Recently I stumbled onto the freakishly hilarious textfromdog blog and I feel like I’m reliving moments with my old dog as I read those hilarious text messages. Dog lovers everywhere, this blog nails the whole frazzling experience. It makes me feel less pathetic about owning a dog leash, but no dog.

Anyway I leave you with some of my favorites. Have a random day!

Random Tuesday

Random Tuesdays

There’s a cat obsession on the internet and of that much we are certain. From the cuteness of Maru to the ridiculousness of lolcats, it seems there is little left by way of a fresh cat perspective. Until I recently stumbled on cat scans. Not the medical, scary kind, but the harmless fun type.

You will need:

  • a cat
  • a scanner
  • computer

Once you bring those three together, you can submit your image at http://thecatscan.tumblr.com/

Here are some random cat scans. Enjoy!

Random Tuesday: Student talk

Random Tuesdays

One of the undeniable perks of being  a teacher is the vacation time, sure. But what happens during the remaining 9 months of marking and marking and marking? In a perfect world, marking wouldn’t really be as long and tedious as it actually is, because most of the essays would make sense. In reality, most are full of errors and malapropisms that offer a glimmer of hilarity to the whole ordeal.

This blog captures some of the great student gems found in writings. It’s quite amusing, if not frightening, what spellcheck lets you get away with.

Have you got any glaring examples of language misuse? Please share!

Random Tuesday: Stick it

Random Tuesdays

I’m a big fan of stickers. My collection includes the likes of Hello Kitty (a must), Godzilla (remember him?) and non-sensical Thai pop-ups that pronounce “me love you” (say what?). There’s nothing a little sticker can’t fix or spice up. Even something as everyday as the tube. I bring you this awesome blog which documents hilarious play-on-words for London Tube stops.

Random Tuesday: Is there a Selleck in your sandwich?

Random Tuesdays

I live for randomness: it keeps me sane in a pretty nonsensical world. I have therefore decided to dedicate Tuesdays to randomness, with the hope that I can either:

a) bring out the ridiculous in you

b) at least to get you to laugh at the abounding internet (or real life) silliness

I have a very special someone to head start this column. Remember Richard from friends? That awkwardly mature doctor that Monica was dating? Well you wouldn’t think it but he actually goes quite well with sandwiches — and burgers, if need be! Set him up next to a waterfall and BAM! it’s a classic. This tumblr blog is onto something huge.

Just when you think you it can’t get any funnier, you scroll down only to find another hilarious snapshot! This blog is a must-add on your reader / blogroll if you’re looking for some randomness to spice up your subscriptions.

Which Selleck/waterfall/sandwich picture tops your list?

Also: Name a random object / person and watch for the uploaded collage of your suggestions on your RSS feed.

Have a random day!

Random Tuesday: Frowning Flower Girl FTW

Random Tuesdays

I’m sure you’ve also seen the most epic photograph to come out of the Royal Wedding. It’s the only dose I got from the ceremony, and it more than encapsulates how I, and I’m sure countless others, felt about the big fuss.

Move over Kate, here is the girl everyone’s cheering at the moment:

The face is just so priceless it’s sparked a series of edits, some seriously hilarious! Enjoy!

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