Random Tuesday: Is there a Selleck in your sandwich?

Random Tuesdays

I live for randomness: it keeps me sane in a pretty nonsensical world. I have therefore decided to dedicate Tuesdays to randomness, with the hope that I can either:

a) bring out the ridiculous in you

b) at least to get you to laugh at the abounding internet (or real life) silliness

I have a very special someone to head start this column. Remember Richard from friends? That awkwardly mature doctor that Monica was dating? Well you wouldn’t think it but he actually goes quite well with sandwiches — and burgers, if need be! Set him up next to a waterfall and BAM! it’s a classic. This tumblr blog is onto something huge.

Just when you think you it can’t get any funnier, you scroll down only to find another hilarious snapshot! This blog is a must-add on your reader / blogroll if you’re looking for some randomness to spice up your subscriptions.

Which Selleck/waterfall/sandwich picture tops your list?

Also: Name a random object / person and watch for the uploaded collage of your suggestions on your RSS feed.

Have a random day!

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