Ode to IKEA


Your logo in yellow

reads like home to me.

Past your rotating doors

await a million things

I never knew I wanted.

You often have surprises

though I study your catalogue

with religious fervor often;

Each verse an invitation for a purchase —

Tirup:55:9 reads Buy me, while

Billy:77:7 is Perfect for that corner!

I enter with a plan, a short list, an intention

But you disarm me in a matter of seconds.

Of course, this could be my kitchen,

Yes, of course, I want this as my living room.

I test the pillows, I stretch;

The room is suddenly my own

until a passerby enters uninvited.

The audacity! The violation!

I scribble notes with my midget pencil

I write down codes, aisles and colors

and move along.

By the time I reach the register

my mouth is dry but my heart is eager.

I foot an inflated bill and head for the exit

carrying a dismembered version of LivingRoom:29.

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