Gone bananas

Taking a break at Musée d'Orsay

Taking a break at Musée d'Orsay

Yes, this banana is back in town! In fact, I’ve been back for a few days now, but things have been pretty hectic. Coming home to an apartment of boxes is no pleasant sight, my friends. If those boxes were all sealed and everything was tidily waiting to be shipped off upon our return, that would have been an entirely different story. But no, we have been spending the past few days packing up boxes with what we’re shipping back to Cyprus, and packing up the rest of the apartment on the side, because we’re also moving to a new apartment this week.

Confused? Of course, you are.

The short of it: I’m heading to Cyprus on August 15th, for what you could call permanently, but what I like to call “for a longterm now”, so we’re sending all our stuff there. My boyfriend has a two or three months left at university to finish his dissertation, but we’re changing apartments because of a gross misunderstanding between our current landlord. Despite our plans for a relaxing summer, we got kicked out of the apartment two months earlier, quite unexpectedly. Reason? New students coming in September would be a better investment, since they can sign a yearly contract.

Don’t even get me started on this issue. I still can’t get over it.

So today, is the big day! We’ve rented a car and we’re taking all of our 20 boxes to the airport to make their airborne way to Larnaca, Cyprus. After that, we’re also moving all our stuff to the new apartment, minus the fridge, washing machine and couch, which we have no idea how we’re going to manage to move (though we have come up with a lot of imaginative, impossible plans).

Look forward to more entries regarding the trip and general fun points AFTER the move. Hopefully my sanity and mental calm will be restored and I’ll be able to tell you all about:

  • love and Berlin
  • gorgeous buildings
  • friend reunion
  • too much exercise
  • cool souvenirs

But for now, hold tight — I still need to go and pack up all of our kitchen. What a great way to spend a Sunday!

7 thoughts on “Gone bananas

  1. All the best with that – moving is a stressful business at the best of times. Am very keen to see some more photos of your Euro holiday you lucky gal you!

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