Math Monday

math monday

Math Monday

Today, I’ll keep the mathematics short. There are only a few numbers that matter right now and that’s:

  • 2 hours till we catch the ship to Athens. Let’s get the vacation rolling. Berlin and Paris, just around the corner.

That’s pretty much all the math I can think of right now, apart from:

  • 20 kg each is what we’re allowed to take on the trip. We’re sharing a small luggage and wonder if they’ll give us trouble (the airline is pretty strict). We don’t even have scales, so we’ve taken turns in lifting it and coming out with our very own humble estimations.
  • 5 is the number of dresses I’m taking.
  • 4 items left on my to-do list.
  • 28 hours till take-off.
  • 12 boxes packed as we prepare to move out of our beloved apartment.
Photo taken mid-week. The photo on the wall is now in a box somewhere too.

Photo taken mid-week. The photo on the wall is now in a box somewhere too.

My week has definitely had more numbers than these, but forgive me. All I can think of is packing and the trip. So this banana is off for a week of holidays and a couple of reunions with good friends.

Hold tight — I’ll be back before you know it.

Oh and by the way, how was your week in numbers?

5 thoughts on “Math Monday

  1. Have a great holiday!

    My week is still dominated by the big fat 10 people in my house and by 2 guests extra every few days as everyone wants to drop by…
    2 months and we will have peace again..

  2. Oh man! My numbers can’t possibly compare to yours!!! Paris and Berlin and Athens? Waaah!!! So looking forward to the photos!!! Have a wonderful time!

  3. I love your number posts… 😀 Hope you’re having a great trip, looking forward to reading/seeing more about it!

    (ps. I passed some awards on to you today!)

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