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Don’t even say it – I know. Word count this week has dwindled down to an embarrassingly stark zero.

Quite unjustly, if I may say so, because this week has been jam-packed with events, thoughts and other random happenings. I have found myself making mental notes on what to mention in the blog, but as the days passed, I began taking actual notes of what I didn’t want to forget to mention in the blog. I’m looking at the (real) pink post-it tacked on my laptop screen with this list of items.

It’s a long one.

If you’re anything like me, you might find long entries that touch on multiple tangents are hard to read through. They are the wordy equivalent of getting all the colors of play-doh rolled together in a big fat blob of a rainbow mess. You can’t tell where one thing starts and another begins.

In play-doh analogy, this is what the next few posts would look like.

In play-doh analogy, this is what the next few posts would look like.

I want to avoid putting you through that.

So here’s how this is going to work: This little entry will do the job of a contents page, as I update into easily digestible, bite-sized posts with all that has been going on this week.

Starting from Math Monday, I’ll move on to some umbrellas, then give you the low-down on the big summer Greek giveaway. I’ll even show you a fun little interview of myself (yes, I had to alternate voices to make it a real interview to myself – ha!).

Phew! Ready? Click and read!

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