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I had a fun little surprise in the mail yesterday. It was enough reason to get out of my pjs and promptly rush down the stairs to pick this sweet package up:

What lovely packaging!

What lovely packaging!

This came all the way from LA, from Gabbi, who hosted this giveaway on her blog. As I was reading her blog entry, I was pretty much with my jaw to the floor with the photos of books and actual libraries. It made me reminisce back to those years in the US, with library days and comfy armchairs and the general acceptance of being a little nerdy. The libraries I have seen here in Chania are in dire need of:

  1. space
  2. books
  3. librarians
  4. armchairs
  5. technology
  6. atmosphere

So I was head over hills to receive this giveaway. It brought back memories of times that now seem pretty unreal.

Reading IS sexy!

Reading IS sexy!

I’m definitely going to put that sticker on my car when I return to Cyprus in August! And what a great extra surprise to get a pair of earrings from Gabbi too — in a little re-sealable Hello Kitty bag!

So girly!

So girly!

And since reading is sexy, time to get back on that Berlin travel guide. What have you read today?

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