Math Monday

math monday

math monday

Yes, we have a new theme day – and that’s today! I haven’t done proper Math since high school, so don’t imagine anything complex — my head wouldn’t take it! Instead, think of it as the day where I sum up the week that’s just finished in numbers.

It’s going to be banana-tastic!

Oh and I started a new photo project that I’m inviting you to join me — cool photos of numbers! I will be peppering Math Monday entries with these, but feel free to share your own through Etsy convo or e-mailing here, and I’ll update the blog entry.

This will be fun! So let’s get started!

4 is the number of green bugs that we found in the house. They stink when you touch them and they make a lot of noise. I’m terrified they’ll fall in my mouth while I sleep.

22 are the number of days left for our vacation! Berlin first and then a little Parisian taste.

7 are the number of cupcakes / muffins I baked this week.

0 is how many muffins are left as I’m writing this.

photo courtesy of my sister

photo courtesy of my sister

89 is the price of my one way-ticket back to Cyprus. I still need to buy it, but I just don’t have the heart to call this the official end of my Cretan life.

0.5 is how much of my book I’ve read. Yes, unacceptable.

24,000 Mbit/s is our supposed Internet rate. We finally got connected on Wednesday but have still to reach such speed (nor will we).

3 are the number of treasuries I’ve made.

a fruity number

a fruity number

41 are the number of pieces I cut my credit cards.

6 is the number of books I borrowed from a friendly bookworm next door.

2 are my new  listings (plain tribal and plain plastic money).

2,091 words published on this blog this past week. Whew! That’s a lot more than I thought!

What numbers made your week?

7 thoughts on “Math Monday

  1. Oooh! You lucky thing going to Berlin and Paris! I’m totally jealous! My number is three : I’ve drawn three mermaids so far this week! P.S. I’ve given your blog an award!

  2. I’ve never been much a math person, but your post makes me like it! 🙂 Lovely post… my number is 1 for the number of hours left at work before I get to leave!

    Hope you’re having a great Monday!xo

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