Plain Bananas Has Friends

Plain Bananas Has Friends

plain bananas has friends

Though it feels more like plain bananas has a headache right now, it is Friday after all, and I want you to meet some of my friends too. This pair of Etsy artists is unusual from others featured because they happen to live across the street from me and I just spent my Friday with them (yes, plain bananas has real 3D friends, as opposed to just cyber-friendships).

Meet thelittleanorakgirl — or the people behind the anorak girl (don’t tell her!): Jools and Sarah.

sammy the dog notecard

sammy the dog notecard

Does she remind you of any childhoood favorite characters? Well it’s not accidental: in fact it was the Little Red Riding Hood that gave the inspiration to Jools to create this little likeable character for the stationery set. At the time, Sarah was working on a design for a bag with a japanese print featuring the classic red-hooded character, which was enough to set Jools’ imagination going.

The ideas for the illustrations stem from the red riding hood itself as well as some childhood holiday photos of Sarah who also owned a similar red coat.

it blew away mini notecard set (4)

it blew away mini notecard set (4)

The combination is a cute one for sure.

This creative couple loves its non-typical days of unexpected surprises — and there are many . They both teach English as a Second Language and are your average pair of nightowls and morning slugabeds. Originally from Birmingham, they have been in Greece for a while and only recently moved to Crete. On living here they both say in mock seriousness: “It’s a hard life really.”

How hard is it? Well let’s find out.

[Note: Blue is for Jools’ answers and pink for Sarah’s. Answers in black are in the odd occasion that they both agree. Oh and Jools forgot to follow the one sentence rule, but we’ll let that slip because he’s a really cool guy.]

pretty in pink bracelet

pretty in pink bracelet

My name is…Jools (Horton-Lakins). / Sarah.

I make…A mess generally. However, I also draw and produce “the little anorak girl” products. / the things, he does the drawing.

I’m inspired by…A multitude of things. Books, music, cartoons (especially Japanese animation). Film, photography and art. My students and their idiosyncrasies (I’m a teacher) and basically anything I see that interests me. / Murakami, fruit, polka dots, plastics, ribbons, dolls, mechanical toys, vintage pearls, postcards, art deco, Poirot and childhood sea-side holidays.

wet wellies brooch

wet wellies brooch

I cannot live without…More things than I could possibly fit into one sentence. My better half and family, of course. Music, books, mysteries, tea, and my computer and the net. My kitchen and the plethora of things within it. Pencils and paper. Irony satire and sarcasm (especially the dark stuff, forget what the song tells you). Good friends and good wine. The sea… basically everything I like. / cheese.

wet wellies necklace

wet wellies necklace

An item I’ve made that was hard to let go of……was the 10th stationary set we made. (I managed to glue it to my finger). / was so hard that I didn’t.

I create because……it is one way to let out all the stuff in my head. / I want to.

I wish I…had the time and concentration to be able to put all my ideas into production. / I could write longer answers than him..

If I could learn another art it would be…musical. To play the guitar and I’d also like to learn how to mix. / sculpture.

mr postie notecard

mr postie notecard

My website is…in the pipeline. As with most things with me. / a work in progress.

I blog  because…I don’t blog. / I can.

One day…all the world will be paper. People will stop labeling and learn that there are only individuals and I’ll actually finish all the things I’ve started, dreamt up or promised to do. / I will have done all the things I’ve been meaning to do.

it blew away bracelet

it blew away bracelet

I started…so I’ll finish. (Here’s to you Magnus).

I always…wanted to be a lumberjack! Ha ha! I am always more creative when I’m supposed to be doing something else. / amuse myself if nobody else.

If I were a color I would be…really miffed that someone had stolen my “u”.

My full-time job…can be rewarding, maddening, highly amusing and extremely boring all in the same hour. / came as a surprise.

In a nutshell…taking everything into consideration, at this specific moment in time, I feel, that is to say it is my strong belief, that it is necessary and indeed only fair to reveal to you that the information that is currently available to me and which I am able to furnish you with, is not only insufficient but also wholeheartedly inadequate to enable me to be in the position to give anything other than an incomplete and vague response to your enquiry. / I would feel trapped.

In a bigger nutshell…let’s not go there. / I would feel slightly less trapped.

You can find the little anorak girl here:




Some more anorak cuteness and ready for some aspirin!

I spy something beginning with b...

I spy something beginning with b...

ooh a bunny notecard

ooh a bunny notecard

searching for moon cheese tiny notebook/card

searching for moon cheese tiny notebook/card

The creative masterminds

From the creative masterminds: And a happy weekend to you too!


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