Technically speaking


Just when I was convinced that phone / internet companies were truly incompetent and would never actually get the technical problems sorted, I got a surprise.

I had come to terms with my indefinite absence from the online community, and had moved on to other things that made my days more colorful: beads! I was sitting in my little corner, inspired by hot pink and blue and had jazzy music in the background, when I suddenly get a text message. It read: Your technical problem has now been resolved. We are at your service, should you have any other problem.

A text message! Internet! Whoaaaaa!

But the past few days without it snapped me into shape. I briefly checked Etsy and my e-mails and then promptly closed the laptop and finished the necklace. First things, have now reclaimed their order and must come first again.

Here is the new necklace:

Plain tribal

Plain tribal

What followed, was of course a celebration that came in the sweet form of strawberry cupcakes. Incognito cupcakes, that is. Why? Well have a look at them yourself and see if you can spot what’s wrong:

Straight out of the oven

Straight out of the oven

Still can’t see it? Well, how about now?

Adding some color

Adding some color

Well, the whole mixture made 6 mega-cupcakes. I don’t know about you, but in my experience, cupcakes come in small, pretty shapes. Well, not in Greece, they don’t — because apparently, in Chania at least, there are no cupcake paper cases in sight. Only some gigantic aluminum ones, that look so wrong. But better than nothing.  At least I had this huge sweet pink delight to satisfy my evening craving.

This had my name all over it.

This had my name all over it.

So cyber world, hello. I’m back and it’s sweet to see you again.

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