Plain Banans Has Friends

Plain Bananas Has Friends

Plain Bananas Has Friends

If it’s one thing I like (well, actually I like too many things, but regardless), it’s dressing up in costume. I’ve always been the dreamy kind of costume dresser: come carnival or Halloween, I always opted for the chic, feminine look, dressing up as a high class lady or a jazzy flapper from the ’20s, much to the general confusion of my other 10-year-old friends. I did the flapper look 4 times over the years because as I grew up, I actually went beyond the suave pretty dresses of the time, I realized that the period truly captivated me.

As it turns out, I’m not the only one inspired by all that razzle dazlle. Meet Matou En Peluche. You can call her Sam if you like — it is, after all, her real name.  Yes, hello Friday — it’s time for some friend time.

November Wallflowers- 4 X 6 print

November Wallflowers- 4 X 6 print

This Australian artist holds a degree in Education and is currently teaching English as a Second Language (like this banana over here). Her heart, however, has always belonged to the Arts, and liked being involved with anything artistic – from pottery to performance art. Her secret favorite? Drawing.

As a university student at Sydney university, she drew at the “dungeons” of the student newspaper, and later followed-up as a freelance illustrator and cartoonist for a range of publications — from children’s books to Mad Magazine — before obtaining specific training as an  ESL teacher. She joined Etsy about a year ago and has felt overwhelmed by the incredible talent, connections and wonderful things it has to offer.

So what’s all this French about? Here, meet Harry, your average plush tomcat, and also her dad’s beloved pet.



But what does Sam have to say for all this?

My name is…Samantha (Sam) Battersby.

I make…charcoal and pastel drawings of quirky fur and feathers and stylish gals.

I’m inspired by…everything!

I cannot live without…my boyfriend, my Dad and his cat Harry and time alone to draw.

Art Deco Flapper - print

Art Deco Flapper - print

An item I’ve made that was hard to let go…was a drawing of a butterfly I drew for a friend as a present when I was 10 years old.

I create because…it’s such an incredible adventure!

I wish I…could fly!

If I could learn another art it would be…to be able to play a vibraphone (it’s like a xylophone but a bit different!)

My website is…

I blog because…it’s the most fun you can have with a keyboard and mouse!

Irene and her BLUE VELVET COAT - print

Irene and her BLUE VELVET COAT - print

One day…I’d like to live in a house with a garden, my nearest and dearest and a couple of pussy cats.

I started…knitting a scarf last year but I still haven’t finished it!

I always…enjoy a good laugh!

If I were a color I would be…duck egg blue.

My full-time job…is thinking about beautiful things to draw.

In a nutshell…I’d be happy to become a drawing hermit.

In a bigger nutshell…actually, I think I’m a drawing hermit in truth already!

Here’s where you can find Sam:



I leave you with some more plush drawings.

Have a jazzy Friday!

Love - print

Love - print

Lovely Rita - 4 X 6 print

Lovely Rita - 4 X 6 print

Little Blue Bird of Happiness II - print

Little Blue Bird of Happiness II - print

Little Geisha Girl - 4 X 6 print

Little Geisha Girl - 4 X 6 print

7 thoughts on “Plain Banans Has Friends

  1. Great interview… thank you for sharing, I’m a huge fan of Sam her blog and her work!

    Hope you’re having a lovely weekend.xo

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