Let there be light


Project du-jour: How to make a cost-effective (read: no cost) lightbox for great photos of your jewelry.

I found various how-tos online and ended up making two lightboxes (using the same box — after all, the point is to be cost-effective). In my general excitement I clearly equated lightbox to photo perfection.

Lightbox #1 brought no such thing. Lightbox #2 ditto.

There I was, sitting on the floor as though meditating — an oxymoron of sorts,¬†given my exasperated expression and sweaty brow, because let me tell you, having those lights around the lightbox is no laughing matter. It’s definitely not you’re average “don’t sweat it” project at all. Add to that the fact that I was leaning and craning my neck over the box while sitting on the floor until my brittle sense of logic ¬†turned me toward the table and you have yourself the iconic sign of blondness. I can stand AND take photos? My, what luxury!

Here’s what the homemade version of a light-box looks like (well, my home-made version, anyway):

In the spotlight

In the spotlight

And just when I started getting the hang of things, my camera battery died. At least that gave me a chance to cool off and take a photographic break.

Tomorrow, this lightbox is my new toy and I’m just going to play with it. Also, planning a major revamp of shop, which will hopefully happen tomorrow. Till then, stay away from the spotlight — it makes you all icky.

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