Hitting the streets


It’s often that I lose sleep over some seemingly brilliant idea that merits black circles in the morning. Sometimes, looking like I came straight out of a Tim Burton movie is worth it, because the idea is actually a sound one. My decision to come to Chania was one of those late-night light bulbs over my head: Bright and hard to ignore. It’s turned out to be a good one, because I’m loving the Cretan life, which isn’t without its own share of idea light bulbs. One such energy-spending bulb flashed over my head last night, and there was no switching it off.

The idea? To take plain bananas out to the streets.

Let me clarify: Greek islands are known for the street artists that pepper the popular locations, and in the summer you really get a chance to see a lot of talented people. With this in mind I couldn’t help but wonder: Could I be a pepper speck too, just to spice things up, so to speak?

So just for the fun of it, I decided to hit the streets and give it a go. But first I had to prepare enough packages because you never know, do you? And by preparing, I mean adding that extra splash of magic:

A secret message for each package

A secret message for each package

Supplies ready

Supplies ready

Armed with these bananas, I set off for the old harbor and landed myself a spot that proved to be too far away from passersby. It made for a cool photo though:

Spot the banana

Spot the banana

The view from where I was sitting

The view from where I was sitting

I was sitting right next to the horse carriages, but they didn’t seem to be enjoying much notice either. While sitting there, looking frazzled from the insomniac night before, I had one of those moments where you sort of look beyond your tiny spot and appreciate the whole situation.

I saw: Me, on the pavement, my jewelry in front of me, a wonderful view ahead and my boyfriend who came along for the support and to take photos of this adventure.

Not where I thought I’d be a year ago, for sure, but what a surprising journey it has been all the way to the streets of Chania. I didn’t make a single sale, but boy am I glad to be here. Sure I look like death occasionally, but some ideas are really worth losing sleep over, right?

4 thoughts on “Hitting the streets

  1. Excellent story, view, journey. Life is fabulous – I’m glad you’re enjoying it!

    Mine, speaking of lives, has been really hectic of late – of course it would, after posting such an invitation. I apologize for my lateness in getting your letter/postcard out! Do you want me to send it to the address on my postcard?

    All my best,

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