All that jazz


I knew being an obsessive Internet user would pay off one way or another. Here I was, after I had just finished watching a documentary everyone should see (thanks to Lou!) and without second thought opened my iBook and multiple tabs to check what was going on in the cyber world.

I saw past my boyfriend’s momentary ridicule of the speed in which I typed in addresses and refreshed pages. I didn’t care at all in fact, because just when I thought to check the treasury page, I realized it was on 333 lists. Only two minutes remained until the treasury list opened its tiny door and I desperately wanted to get my foot in the door!

NOTE to the average, not Etsy compulsive reader (Etsyians skip this paragraph): The treasury is basically compiled of various lists featuring 12 items, which are created by users. These lists expire after a day or two and this is more likely to give a chance to more people to create a list of things they like within a theme or color scheme. It is very difficult to catch a treasury because in order to do so, there should be less than 333 lists to allow for new ones. The lists often go up to 700+ so there’s general havoc and constant refreshing if you are set on having one.

So there was I, out of sheer luck, on the treasury page that announced the number of lists at 333. Reaction? Paralysis. Excitement. Paralysis. My boyfriend, who has been clued in to every Etsy aspect (largely due to my inability to shut up about it), was as excited as me — if not more. While I tried to focus on getting my fingers set, wondering if I should hit refresh or if the page would do so automatically, I had the added stress of him panicking in my ears, fretting over where the space to register would appear. I told him my assumption, but he repeated this worry three times at least, which then started to get me worried for no reason.

And then, I got my foot in the door. And here’s what I made of it:

All that jazz

All that jazz

My first treasury. Even my boyfriend couldn’t help but smile before going about his equally maniac routine of hitting the refresh button on his tabs.

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