Keep it moving


I like the verb “to move.”It implies action, flow and a sense of going forward. If I had to choose one verb to describe me, it would be this little fellow.

Action: Tomorrow I am flying out to Cyprus for a week to visit family, friends and loved hangouts. I have just finished packing and it’s only now hit me that this time tomorrow I’ll be walking along (or driving among lunatics) on entirely different streets altogether: familiar, yet somehow mildly forgotten now that I am away.

Flow: I knew I wasn’t the only letter enthusiast out there, and so I was immensely relieved to see that people other than me really do enjoy getting real letters in the mail. Fellow Etsian Elizabeth Jayne is willing to send a letter out to anyone in need of something other than bills (can we see a raise of hands please?). Play along with her or me or both and let’s get some real letters raking the distance and keeping words moving.

Going forward: I have taken some photos of plain bananas jewelry today and updated on Etsy. The shop is slowly growing as I’m finding my way around it. Show me some love (heart my items/shop), leave me comments here and tell me what you like (or don’t like, for that matter) because plain bananas is growing as we speak (or write!).

Of course, moving doesn’t always require direct action, flow or moving forward. There are times when it’s best to sit down, take a break, sip some OJ and let the men do the dirty work.

Professional watchers

Professional watchers

[For the record we were assigned the task of watching the furniture on the pavement and we did do a little handiwork when we turned the couch around to face the street.]

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