Today is the day


I have three words for you:




Summer plans have been set in concrete after I spent most of last night and a lot of today checking for the cheapest prices, the best routes, dates, budget and definitely paranoid about not making any mistake. That’s the problem when you have multiple destinations and multiple tabs on your navigator. Something is bound to go wrong if you’re as absent-minded as me. Thus, the paranoia. But, Berlin is calling, Paris, je t’aime and summer, I cannot wait for you.

And speaking of not being able to wait, here is something I’ve been holding my breath for:

My virtual window display

My virtual window display

The digital doors are open and more of my jewelry will soon be on display. A photo shoot awaits me tomorrow, as does updating and general sorting out of the shop. I simply cannot wait to watch this project come to full fruition.

This day has been absolutely plain bananas: plans for travel have been confirmed, as has my plan to open a shop. It really does feel that the world is my oyster today, and all it took was the persistent shifting through multiple tabs on my Safari and a little creativity.

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