A super day


Yes, it’s been ages since I updated but things have been pretty hectic here in Crete-land. Today is a frantic day in which I hope to achieve a series of unfeasible goals. My to-do list is as follows:

– Clean my apartment before I start moving out

– Complete a video project. My mom hasn’t had a chance to visit me in my hole-of-an-apartment so I’m going to make a video giving her the entire one-minute tour (and that’s stretching it, to be honest). Will make it into something fun and artsy, no doubt.

– Start packing!

– Move a few of my basic things over to the new place.

– Upload the hundred something photos that have been idly waiting on that darn camera chip.

– Add some new photos here and on flickr.

– Open up my shop – or at least the main page with the banner or something.

– At least set up my beading workspace. I need to get back on the beading treadmill a.s.a.p.

[Here come my regulars:]

– Read on, dammit.

– Gym it up (definitely not happening today, haha!)

I will keep you posted on everything that is not happening. Most of these won’t, but it’s fun pretending I’m a Super Chick. Don’t even get me started on my special abilities.

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