Let’s face it


I need to face the fact that sunny days can also be extremely windy. It is a national holiday here, and there was a parade just outside our apartment, so it was a perfect excuse to go for a walk. I think I was most amused by a little kid, held up by his dad waving a Greek flag which said RESPECT in blue, on the side. I tried to take a photo of him, but at that point the wind wasn’t on my side. I mistook that for a sign of a hot summer-like day, but no, moments later the wind roared “Eat this you fool”, and by this, I mean my hair. I walked on with a halo of frizz and a strong sense of denial.

I also need to face the fact that I’m never going to drink a frappe (iced coffee) at a coffeeshop, the way I like it. I don’t ask for much: no sugar, a little milk. But no, milk here, is concentrated and used sparingly; coffee on the other hand is scooped with a shovel. A shovel. And yet I’m still naively optimistic every time I order coffee out.

I have recently been wishing for summer to come, and along with that, ice cream, or to be more precise Italian ice cream, which entered my life last summer and has since become a serious addiction. There’s an Italian guy who owns a little gelateria here in Chania and operates it in the warmer / hotter months of the year with his family. I simply LOVE this place, and all his flavors, but perhaps I’m more fond of the whole idea of having two homes throughout the year. About a month ago I spotted a sign on the shop declaring the gelateria would be up and running again in March. I’ve been thinking that it’s pretty much almost April in my fast-forward-inclined head, so have kept wondering “Where are you my Italian friend?” Today, due to my unwavering hope and curiosity, I discovered that it’s back in business! I got a scoop and a smile of recognition. So now it’s sealed: The Italian family has made the move and I need to face it that summer is fast approaching. Finally.

And coming home, my eye always falls on an object in the most peculiar disguise. It makes my day every time and I dare you not to laugh when you have this staring back at you as you wait for the elevator to come down to ground floor.

I'm looking at you

I'm looking at you

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