Where Saturday takes me


Woke up, checked weather. Forecast for today – sunny. I didn’t need another reason to convince me to go out and catch up on my Vitamin D. Decided to take Sylvia (ibook) along for some writing and coffeeing. On the way stopped by indie bead shop and bought a handful (make that a baby handful) of beads.

I’d been meaning to buy something from this place – The Polytechnic. It offers some basic supplies and the guy who owns it runs kids’ workshops that basically encourage creative expression. It’s very anything-goes mood in there, and I’ve wanted to buy some beads to support what his doing. Checked this one off the list today. Got a ziplock to prove it.

Then I stumbled onto a charity shop that’s always closed when I walk past it. Universe conspired today – it was open. I went in, lured by shelves of second-hand books but restrained self. Found awesome pair of sunnies which were too tight and prone to giving me a headache. At only EUR 1.50, I was almost willing to pay my cheap way to uncomfortable pain, but some kind of internal alert went on and I was out of there before seriously getting carried away.

Ended up doing said writing, and along came friends and the morning walk became a day-long exit. The night ended with juggling, some paper planes and a headache.

With or without sunglasses, it came.

Tomorrow, I’m going to toy with these beads.


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